Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Growing Conversation within Your Self!

This Growing Conversation within Your Self. Your Spirit ever-calling You Into new depths of You. Daring you to Listen with All that Heart and Soul instead of following the herd surviving the Days cut Off from the Passion within, the Vitality ever-Springing. Touching the heavens as You stand here on Earth fully Human making Your way. This walk Home returning to Your Self Comes in the Letting Go. Letting Go of the constructed Self built by External Identifiers. Buying into what The Good Life looks Like. Letting Go and Learning to Trust your Own Nature. Knowing what matters most to You. Living your way into what you want and need consciously tuned into Your Self. Becoming comfortable in Your Own skin that is Uniquely Yours. Materializing Your Spirit. Knowing This is the Life You came here to Live. Expressing the Essence of You. Mining for the Gold within and giving it Away. Remembering the truest Pain in Life is Not showing Up for the Sacred Dance that is Yours. Distinctly moving in this World as You. As only You can! Amazing Grace in the Flesh riding you into More of You and Life for Your Joy. Finding our Way to Our Self includes Getting Lost. It's Okay. No shame. No wrong. It is Purposeful! Missing from our Own Lives as we plug into Dreams that belong to Others is necessary to bring Clarity around who we Truly Are and what we Truly want. Resentment and Bitterness are energies that spring from the Dissatisfaction trying to Fit into a Life that's Not ours. Energy NEVER lies! Energy is No BS as we go into a deficit experiencing no Juice. Feeling like a shell walking through Life disconnected from Our Spirit. The Lights appear on because we are physically still here but No One is Home. Our Truest Self is kicking and Screaming and won't let us Rest until we Listen. Waking us Up in the Night with Haunting feelings that grip Us. The Forces within will Not let us Settle for a Life that isn't aligned with Us no matter how Extraordinary it appears. Life must Make sense at our Core. Otherwise, we Try to Live an Idea that Makes sense to the Culture or Family. The invitation this Day is to Let Go! Let Go! Let Go! Talk to your Higher Self. Knowing you House the Wisdom of the Universe that's not attached to Old paradigms and beliefs. This Creative Force within You only wants to Lead You into YOU for your Greatest Joy; for the Love of Living this Life. In this Flow, you Meet all that Comes your way with an Abiding THANK YOU, smiling and nodding: Yes!!! This is My Life. Grounding in a Sense of your Sacredness in All moments. The ones you wanna Wish away and the ones that make You Dance Ecstatically. Seeing YOU! Knowing if you wished Away even One Moment, You would be Wishing Who You have Become from meeting that Moment. All moments are ALIVE with You. Feeling the Truth and Beauty of You ever-Blossoming as each moment waters You and Nourishes your Soul in Fulfilling your Destiny. Happyass Dance to your Homecoming breath by breath, day by day. You are the Greatest Adventure of this Life! Your Dream is Awaiting Your Arrival. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)). Ohhh, the Magic of You. BELIEVE! BELIEVE! BELIEVE! I surely Do.

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