Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Appreciation Grows the Miracles of You!

We are Living Prayers! Saying THANK YOU all Day, every Day is Powerful. You create an Energy Pattern to bring Into your Life More things to be Grateful for. It is the quickest way to Shift your Energy and Open to the Possibilities. The potentials within You ready to Play in the New Now. Letting Go! Focusing Your Attention. The point of Creation is here. You meeting the Moment so Alive with All of You. Breathing Life in and Breathing Your fresh air OUT into the World. Sharing all that Heart and Soul that you are here to Express for your Joy in being You. Carrying an Abiding Thank You in your Heart feeling Grateful for your Life even when you are being challenged. Daring to Say THANK YOU! Feeling Grateful to be You appreciating your distinct ways of Being and Expressing Life. Feeling Grateful for those people who are Easy to Love and bring such Happiness to your Life even when there are People who are difficult to be around. Saying Thank You to those you meet this Day showering others with Appreciation. Noticing from a Depth how Special each person Is and letting them know how you Experience them. Mirroring how they Showed Up and Reminding them They Matter. Sincerity and Kindness touches Hearts. And Giving Thanks to Others lifts Your Heart. The effect is immediate and washes the Light of heavens through You. Saying Thank You to the Universe silently as you walk through your Life knowing It is Alive within You. Never apart from You. Me. All of Creation. Connecting to this Force Field. Remembering Our every thought is a Prayer. And the Universe saying YES!!! To whatever we Express. Whether You are Consciously asking or unconsciously asking. But Know every moment we ASK! And being conscious of this, we create from the Awareness that we are Truly living Prayers. Living Holograms. The outer world mirroring our inner world. We must shed the limiting Beliefs that block what we want. The blessings that Await. The soul housing the wisdom of the Universe longs to liberate Us from the human cages. Letting Go again and again. Illusions of power. Returning us to the Truest Power. All that Heart and Soul. The Soul KNOWS. The answer to Every question lies Within you. In a flash, The Heart Remembers. Evolving you. Awakening You to the Beauty and Truth of YOU. The Art of You expressing for your JOY! You truly are a Masterpiece. Each breath a Stroke of the brush on the canvass of YOU. Yes! You are Magnificent as you are. And you are ever-Growing. Opening the valves of Life ever-flowing, ushering you into the Miracles of YOU. You carrying the Fire. The infinite Dance. In Harmony with the Universe. Feeling your way Home. To You. Living the Truth. Letting go of the Human Bullshit that weighs You down. Cutting the crap loose. Freeing YOU. Believing in YOU. What You Appreciate APPRECIATES growing You and Your Life. Remembering YOU ARE SO LOVED and Supported by benevolent forces. You are! Tune In. Receiving this nourishment. Knowing you are Worthy of it. Feel the Amazing Grace echoing and Swirling SO ALIVE with the Song of You. HappyAss Dance WILDLY! Feel the JOY. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)! It is Damn Good to Be YOU. Feel IT.

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