Friday, February 13, 2015

The Wings of Life Within YOU!

You are a Force of Nature. Touch this Creative Field within. Knowing you house Cosmic Forces. Ever-evolving You. Remembering who You truly are. Awakening the Truth and Beauty of You. Dancing Free. Ever-Blossoming the Seeds of Promise. Consciously tune into the Power of the Universe. Your Spirit ever-Free carries You on the Wings of Life! Breath by Breath. Come into this New Now. Let Go. Let the Winds of Destiny blow You Home. Into the More calling You. Pure Joy known. Alive! At Play With the Moments. Trusting Your Self. Trusting the Universe. Knowing you are assisted every step along the Way. Riding the waves of Grace ever-flowing. Growing You. Surprising You. Revealing your Own Nature. Magnificent. Limitless. Poetic. Our Nature POEM: No Fighting against. Letting Go of Conditions. Letting Go of Control. Seeing this Moment. Here to Free You. Nothing can Hold this Life back. The Illusions of Control Revealed. You laughing as You See the Truth: YOU. You have Never controlled Anything. Your Life unfolding Petal by Petal. Blossoming You. And just as You don't Stand In a meadow of Wild Flowers Ordering them to Blossom Commanding them to Blow This way and that Against the Winds; You See the absurdity of Resisting Your Own Nature Ever-Dancing You Letting Go. Letting Your Soul Sing You Home Into the World Within Bridging Heaven and Earth. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! Ohhh, it is AMAZING to be YOU!

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