Monday, February 23, 2015

LISTEN and SPEAK All that Heart & Soul

LISTEN with All that Heart and Soul. SPEAK All that Heart and Soul. Being You. Expressing Your Self. I Promise: It's Not about being Good. It's about being Passionate. Being Good is a Matter of Opinion. Being Passionate is a Matter of Spirit. Connected to the Source within You, You become the Sorcerer Freeing the Magic of You. Ohhh, the Joy of this Liberation is the Truest Riches. Connected to your Sacred Self, You Live as a Sacred Vessel channeling the Amazing Grace of the Universe; Seeing Your Life as Poetry, as a Prayer Growing You, Blossoming into Your Dream. The Life You came here to Live isn't about Arriving on the Mountain Top having some Peak experience; it is Truly a Dance with All that Fire You carry. Ever-exploring the Greatest Adventure of You. Flowing with Life open to What's Next anticipating More of You coming Out to Play. Daring to Be Young all Your Days and Foolish in the Eyes of Others who Do Not Hear the Music of Your Heart and Soul. The Art of You ain't over 'til it's Over. What a way to Live! Tuning Out the Conventional way and Tuning In to You living Your Way. What Feels Good to You! My mission in this Life is to Grow the Fun in being Me until I am No More. I've Unbuckled My Self. Ain't no Time for Playing it Safe and Silencing the Song within. Take my Hand. Let's go to the Edge and Jump! Let's Fly and remind others they too have Wings. One Day this Brave Heart of Mine, of Yours, will Sing No More. But All the Songs we Dared to Sing will Sweetly Live On. Don't Stop the Music of You! Play On and On and On. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!!

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