Thursday, February 19, 2015

We're All Hurt People learning to Love Our Self

All Day, Every Day, I get to have the Most Alive conversations with Amazing People Just like You who are aching to Speak all that Heart and Soul. They want just like All of Us To be Loved where they Are, as They Are, for Whom They Are. Their Voices held hostage by an Idea that they are Trying to fit into; by Expectations of others they are Trying to Live Up to; and by Fear that if People REALLY knew them and saw them, they wouldn't Love them. This is a part of our Human wiring at our Core. A Primal Fear that if others we Love don't Love Us back, we will Die. It is Not logical; it is Deep-seeded within Us All. This Fear that the End of a relationship with those we Love or the withdrawing of Love from another will KILL Us. Love from others makes Us feel whole and this Feels Amazing, but All roads lead us back to Our Self, to who we Truly Are. Our Human journey requires us to take back our Projections connecting to our Sense of Higher Self, Our Essence that animates All claiming the Power of the Universe housed within Each of Us. Discovering we Are The Love. This Love that Nourishes and Liberates Us is within our Very Breath. Ever-flowing. Ever-growing. The Love we are waiting for from Others or waiting to experience from Outside of Us is the Love we are withholding from Our Self. We are Disconnected. Forgetting our Truest Self expressing All that Heart and Soul. We are All Hurt People learning to Love our Self! This is Truth. No matter what it Looks like. No matter how Pretty and Perfect the package Appears. We are All fractured at our Core and the only Love that can make Us whole is from Our Self. Drinking from This Ocean Within All Day. Touching the heavens within as we Walk The Earth. Beyond the Human conditions we place on our Self or Others place on Us; This Cosmic Force within, this Pure Love is the Miracle of You. The Miracle of Me. The Miracle of All. Receive Your Self. Hold your Self dear. Love on Your Self and watch the organic shift Happen. The Behaviors and Patterns you are Trying to Change through the Control Model of our Culture will Simply and Profoundly Let GO! They have served You filling the Void. Your Love springing from the Cosmic Heart is the Only Thing that will make you Whole. Filling the Cracks and Cauterizing the wounds so Life's blood can Flow freely through You. Everything else will leave You Empty. Chasing Outside of You what lies within You. Always here. In this Moment. Always there. Sewn in the fabric of You. From this Wholeness, EVERYTHING you experience in this World is Rich. You taste the Abundance of Life at Play with the Infinite creating The More that Calls You. For Your Joy! Being You. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Your Self Fiercely and Sweetly. And Come Alive! Your Life mirroring this Love for others, reminding them that who they are is absolutely Magnificent beyond measure. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))! It TRULY is damn Amazing to Be You.

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