Sunday, February 15, 2015

You are YOU: So Sacred. So Divine. So Alive!

You are YOU! And Who You are is Magnificent. Yes. YOU. Are. See YOU. Hear YOU. Stand in this New Now. Touch the Amazing Grace You house. The Essence of You. So divine! All that Fire You carry. All that heaven flowing Through. Breath by Breath. Go within. Go beyond where You have gone Before. Plunge into Depths of Your Self. Mining for the Gold you possess. Extracting dormant Energies. Meeting More of You. Claiming parts of You Ready to Play. Expressing All that Heart and Soul. Living the Passion connected to Your sense of Self. Hell comes when You are living a Life that's not YOU! Surviving the Days. Doing Time here. Disconnected from your Soul that Knows YOU MATTER stirring You and guiding You to Free Your Self. Come Alive! Daring you to untangle your Precious Life Force from what has been Lived. In order to GROW new life. Being in the Uncomfortable zone. The in Between. Living the Good that Is. Counting Blessings. Appreciating Your Self and Your Life. Trusting you will Arrive on New Shores calling You Home. Letting Go of what You Know, all that's Familiar and comfortable BELIEVING More Good awaits. Letting Go of Ideas of who You should Be. Letting Go of Expectations of what You should want. Letting Go of Cultural concepts around Success and what makes Life Good. Your Heart Whispers in nudges and pangs ever-guiding You into Your Greatest Joy. Being You. More of You than You Imagined. Heaven comes each Day living a life that's YOU. Reflecting the Truth and Beauty of You. Even when Things You would Never wish for Come, You experience Abiding Joy aligned with Your Sacred Self. Living Simply. Simply Living. In the moments. Dancing with what Comes. Present to Your Self and to Those You are Privileged to Love and be Loved by. This resonance of Joy is unconditional plugged Into the Vitality ever-Springing. Echoing Love, Peace, Hope, Grace and Joy. This pure Vibration of Your True Self nourishing You in ways Not possible in the External World. Moment by moment. Day by Day. Come what May. You are YOU. Be You. Free You. Love You. Experience You. All this Heaven here on Earth. Never Outside of You! Always here. Always There. Within You. YES!!! Be in Awe. It is Damn Good to Be YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

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