Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Bridges Carrying Us into More Life

Some Bridges are Steeper than Others. Some Bridges carry us Over Land, Mother Earth, calling us to Ground in The New Now. Rooting to Rise! Blooming the Seeds of Promise whose Season has Arrived. No way to Stop our Own nature but we will Fight to Control the Uncontrollable. Until we can't. Until the Sweetness of Surrender comes riding the waves of Amazing Grace ever-assisting Us. Always There. Within You. Me. All. Always Here. In the Moment. Some Bridges carry us Over water where buried emotions come Up and Out to be Counted and acknowledged. Releasing energies Locked in Time. Tethering us to the Past. Thawing what was Frozen bringing into Consciousness wounds that Hold our Precious Life Force. Lifting the Rugs that we swept the Hurts under so we can Finally feel what we couldn't. Grieving. Crying for the Powerless Child who was Not permitted to Cry. Who was Shamed into submission agreeing to Accept repression as a part of the Family and Culture. Expression was Not safe. Expression was viewed as weakness. Seeing the Conditioned Belief: "If I Feel this, It will Kill Me," must be cut loose. Your Soul knowing awakening Truth: "If I DO NOT Feel this, It will Kill Me!" The Liberation. Daring to Walk into the Direct Experiences of Life, Being Present to Your Self Alive in the Moment Frees You. Returning You Home to Your Sacred Self. The essence of You connecting You to the whole Cosmos. Crossing Bridges is a part of this human journey as we complete cycles and enter into More Life. New experiences are necessary for the evolution of who you are. And there's Always more emerging requiring you to Let Go and reach for More until your final letting go. Transitioning from where You are into what's next, All that awaits will take You into your Spirit, this Force of Love within. Fueled by the Well, You are held in the energies of Faith, Trust and Certainty that will Allow You to walk into the Unknown KNOWING it is All Good. Knowing it is going to be Great. Believing what You cannot See with the human eye. Seeing with the Eyes of the Soul. Letting the divine sight guide You. Believing what You Know in the depths of You that others cannot See. Hearing the Music within. Dancing to this Inner rhythm inviting You to Play as never before. Following the Call into the Dream that picked You. Ever-growing You! Beyond the cultural idea of living the Dream, the Dream realized is you aligned with who You are. Connected to Your Sacred Self Kicking Ass with Your Brave Heart and Setting the World On Fire with the Passion You came here to Live for Your Joy in Being You. It surely isn't Easy to Cross the Bridges that Come. But within You lies the Power to take the first Step and the Courage to Go where You MUST! The Must is the Pull of Your Soul trumping Your human grip trying to hang onto the familiar shore. Remember: what Feels as if it will Kill You has come to Free You! Muster the graces of the Universe within You and Keep On Keepin' ON. Kick and Scream letting it Out. In order to Let Go. Going. Going. Going. Into Worlds ready to Sing You Home. Be Stoked! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:). It is Damn Good to Be You. Yes. It. Is.

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