Monday, February 16, 2015

You are Braver than You wanna Be!

Be YOU. Be BRAVE. Be BRAVER than You wanna BE and experience the Miracle of YOU. Knowing Anything is Possible grounded in a Deep sense of Self. Remembering the Possibilities lie within You. Never outside of You. The inner Shift opens the doors in the Outer World. Coming back to your Center again and again when Life knocks you Off your feet. Standing in your Power consciously connecting to All that Heart and Soul. Breathing. Being with Life. Facing Fears. Bringing them Out into the Light. Your consciousness illuminating the Dark. Seeing the Fear. Feeling the Heat wash through You. Experiencing It. Understanding that It has no Authority over You. Your Brave Heart is fierce enough to Free You. In the Moment. Letting it Be. Acknowledging what has come Up. Making it Safe. Pulling the Shame Out of being Afraid. Bringing the Truth into full View: We're All Afraid! AND We're All Brave beyond measure. Lifting the Veils. Embracing the energy of the Coward that's a part of your consciousness. Being okay with the flip side of your Badass Brave Heart. Each is a part of the Whole. Think of the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz. One moment he is declaring himself King of the Forest. Feeling his Power. Growling with an inner Fight. And in the next moment, he is terrified Running from his Fear. Jumping through the Window. The Cowardly Lion is alive in You. Me. All. As we are ever-Growing and Evolving. Life brings New experiences that Scare the hell outa us! This is Living. This is a part of coming Alive. This is You becoming Aware that the Coward cannot Stop You. This is You coming to See that You are Braver than You wanna Be. Braver than You know you are. Always More of You revealed. New depths of You carved by Life. Supa Dupa COOL! You are Supa Dupa Badass Brave. Yes. You. Are. Go Boldly into this Day. Moment by moment. Dancing with the Dark. Pouring the Light from within You. The Fear is no match for the Brave Heart. BELIEVING! Moving the Mountains. Slaying the Dragons. Staring down the Beast. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)! The Force lies within YOU.

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