Friday, February 27, 2015

Songs Make Us FEEL!

Songs bring through the Intangible echoing Beauty and Truth. Songs make us FEEL! Songs sing us Home. Songs Heal as the lyrics delivered with All that Heart and Soul wash through us stirring emotions Up and Out. Songs make us FEEL what we buried long ago when it wasn't safe to express. Tears and Pain are Not honored in our Culture. We learn to repress out of Shame. Apologizing when Tears come feeling "silly" and embarrassed and ridiculous as if we are weak and unstable. Pretending. Sucking IT Up. Cut Off from our Own Nature. Then a Song comes to Liberate us as we are driving down the Road or preparing Dinner or sitting in a moment. Grabbing Us. Opening Us. Breathing Life into Us. Releasing tears that are ALIVE. Freeing energy held by the unexpressed pain. Always there. Waiting on Us to claim it. And USE IT instead of IT using us, holding our precious life Force. The Songs Ride us into parts of us we have locked away. Silenced. Buried While breath still pulses through our bodies. Deadened. Surviving Life instead of being Alive in the Direct experiences connected to Our Spirit, Our Truest Self as We journey this Human Adventure. Held by the Hurt in ways we are not conscious of until we Let them Come. We actually Believe the Pain will Kill Us if we Feel it. When we never Grieve, we get stuck in the Muck of the Story. Held by our History so there's no juice to Fuel this Moment, All our Dreams and Hopes that Call Us. We are here in this moment physically but our Spirit is Held in the Past. The lights appear On but we're Not Home. When we allow Grief to do what it does, we flow with Life breath by breath. Feeling IT! Daring to SEE the Truth that if we don't Feel it, It will Kill Us. Moving the Energy through the Tears that are waiting for Us to Let Go. The Pain has to Go somewhere and the alchemy is only possible in the Heart Not Intellect. Feeling is Healing. Be grateful for your Tears and your runny nose weeping emotions. What a Sweet release! A depth of Joy awakened springing from The Vitality. The Passion. Knowing All experiences are singing the Truest Song: This force of Love. Living it All. It is All You. Dance. Dance. Dance. Come Alive! Returning to You. The Beauty of You discovered in the Ugly Truth. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

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