Tuesday, February 17, 2015

LIVE like it ain't Over 'til it's Over!

Believe in Your Dreams! Believe in your Self! Your Heart is the Keeper of your Sacred desires. These Longings are your Truest Self nudging You beyond your comfort zones. Pulling You Up and Out. Shouting "It's Time!" Awakening You from your Slumber. Not allowing You to Settle into a Life that is Not Your Own. Discontentment comes knocking when You are living a Life that doesn't fit. On the surface, everything looks Good. There appears to Be no reason why you would Ache for new experiences. The Call for More won't let you Go. Adventure awaits. And You know that You must Let Go and Reach for the More. Sounds so simple. But it's not Easy. Effort and Grace is the Way from where You are to where You wanna Go. You do your Part and let the Universe blow the Miracles through You. BELIEVING! will fuel you stoking that inner Fire as you step into the Unknown. Visualizing the Dream realized. Seeing your Self in the Life you are materializing. Feeling as if it has happened and there You are in the Joy of a Life you came here to Live. You feel at Home within Your Self so Alive in the World. Your Soul always Knows. Your Heart remembers. Liberating You again and again to Speak all that Heart and Soul. Expressing authentically as You Grow this Life. Cultivating potentials once dormant that are Ready to Dance You into what's next. The greatest challenge is Believing what You Know deep down Inside. Keeping the Faith in your Self when well-intended People who you love and admire project their own Fears, disappointments and limiting Beliefs onto You. Do Not give Your Power away! Be vigilant. See the Truth and Be fully Aware that the majority of People are cut off from all that Heart and Soul. Even those who have had Great Success and appear to have it All. Our culture is filled with Fat Cats starving to remember who they Truly Are. The external identifiers cannot quench the thirst to drink from the Well of Love within. This essential nourishment springing that comes from Living the Passion. People have lost their ability to Dream, to Believe in the Magic as they are disconnected from the Power within. No sense of the Higher Self plugged into the Creative Forces, the Universe animating all Life. Others offer their input and You must stand on your own two feet rooted on the Earth feeling the heavens blow through You fortifying You. You must consciously disconnect from the Energy of worry, doubt and fear that feels like sound advise but is based on their experiences, their history. You must Imagine scissors clipping the Energy so Your Wings are Not tethered to their ideas gripping You; threatening to hold you Back from your Dreams. You must fly Free! Believe with All of you that Anything is Possible. Bless them where they are. Bless your Self with Affirming words. Put a Prayer around It setting intentions directing your Life Force. Let GO! And Go! Go! Go! Follow the Inner Call into the Wild. Into the Life that Excites the Hell outa You. Feeling the Magic pulsing through You breath by breath. Ohhh, BELIEVE! Live like it ain't Over 'til it's Over! You are the Dreamer and the Dream. Step into the Life you came here to Love. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)!

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