Thursday, February 26, 2015

Life is Ever in Motion WITH YOU!

Life is ever in Motion In the Stillness. In the Hurry. In the Hush. It is all Alive With You. With Me. With All. You are You. Distinct. Uniquely Expressing. Riding this Life into where You Never knew You would Go. You are Ever-dancing with the Universe within You and around You all of Your Days. Connecting to the Whole of You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul breath by breath. Listening. Honoring Your Self. Holding Your Self Sacred. Grounding in this Moment entering this Day with a Sense of Possibilities inviting the Adventure that is your Life. Feeling your feet on the Earth and knowing You are supported as You walk through this Life. Always. Wanting to Be who You Are. Materializing Your Spirit. Setting intentions for the Day consciously directing your Energy and Letting it Go. Trusting Your Higher Self which is the Creative Force of the Cosmos within You to guide You into your Greatest Joy. Following your Joy in being You and noticing when this resonance wanes as your Energy doesn't lie. Energy cannot be locked into an Idea or agree to the limitations of the mental constructs. Energy informs You and reveals when you have outgrown experiences and people. Inviting You to make Different choices to return to this Flow. Unplugging from the Old that's simply Not Enjoyable anymore, giving Thanks for all experiences and People. Stepping into the New Now. Freeing the Passion feeling this Force of Love springing from All that Heart and Soul as You Live Your Life aligned and Stoked. You are Ever-Growing the Wild, the Unknown of You. Welcoming the Surprises as More of You comes Out to Play through opportunities that knock and people you Meet along the way. This Natural pace of Life in Motion ever at Play, Blossoming in All Seasons. Experiencing YOU through Your inner Rhythm in Harmony with the Universe. Believing. Walking by Faith remembering the Force You are. Feeling the Fear and Taking it by the hand as you step into what's next. Daring to Dream your Ass off. Receiving your Self appreciating your gifts and Daring the gods to SHOW OFF through You. No time for playing Small or hiding Out when You take your Life Partner which is the Universe by the Hand. Dance. Dance. Dance. You are Untamable. Uncontainable. Truly Limitless. Grow the Fun in Being YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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