Sunday, February 8, 2015

Nature at PLAY!

Connected to All that Heart and All that Soul, We are Nature at Play! We experience the Joy of being Fully Human. We find our way to Humor laughing as we See how entertaining we are. Remembering: Life is FUN. Inviting the Fun in Being who we Are. Disconnected, we attempt to Live some Idea of who we are. Our relationship with Our Self is rigid and conditional TRYING, always Trying to Be who we Think we should Be. Trying to be Perfect kills Us. Trying to do IT right is exhausting. Trying to Live up to Expectations self-imposed and cultural imprints makes Life an Uphill Climb with no Peak. Trying to arrive where we Think we Should Be instead of Being where We are. Trying to figure Life Out through our limited Self stuck in our head conceptualizing and intellectualizing strips the moments of their Aliveness. The ever-Present Beauty echoing through Us. Calling us Home to the World within where Miracles lie waiting for Us to Receive who We truly are. And come ALIVE! Life becomes dull surviving the days when we are Cut Off; Not allowing our Spirit to dance spontaneously connected to a Deep Sense of Self; the Universe within ever-flowing; infinity at Play through us here on earth. Gripping is our human Nature Trying to Control Life; fearing the Changes that surely come ushering us into our Truest Life. Letting Go is our divine Nature. Opening Life. Opening You. Me. All. Moment by Moment. Breath by Breath. Centered. In Harmony. Moving from our Spirit ever-Free. Using the Mind to focus our Life Force.The Funny thing Is attempting to let go of the Ego (trying NOT be Human) is Driven from the Ego. Filtered through the Ego! Not the Higher Self. Tuning into All that Heart and All that Soul allows Life to Be. Feels the Joy in Being Human. Allows us to Be wherever we are. Bringing awareness where the Shifts within are Organic. We are Ever-evolving. Being conscious growing this Human journey from the Inside Out letting the Music within guide us. Free us! Materializing our Spirit. Ask all that Heart and Soul to Speak to You. Ask It to reveal The Joy in being You. Ask it to show You the Miracle You are. Always! Being You. Doing You. Living this Day. Loving it All. Knowing We're All Afraid. And we're All Badass Brave! Believing anything is Possible. Being Excited. Feeling Connected. Remembering: You are Amazing Grace in the Flesh. Nature at Play. Dance Wildly! Woo woo woofuckinhoo :))

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