Thursday, February 5, 2015

Your Playful Soul LIGHTS the World!

The Playful Soul lights this World bringing the heavens here on earth Breath by Breath. Living this Human Journey connected to the divine Essence, the Sacred Self that is here to Experience Joy. This abiding resonance of Joy that Springs from the well within. It isn't possible to create this Vibration outside of You. Rather, it is an extension of You that You bring wherever You Go doing what You do, Being You. You must Touch this Sacred Space within. Always here. In this Moment. Always there. In All that Heart and All that Soul. The intangible that Lights the World with Beauty and Truth. Disconnected from the Source, You will Seek this Joy outside of You. Connected to the Source, Joy IS. The truest Smile echoing from the World within, Unconditional Joy. The Miracle of being You Known at a depth that nourishes You come what May. External circumstances cannot steal your Joy. The energy of Joy washes through even the darkest moments when Life comes crashing in on You. It isn't from being Checked Out pretending to Be feeling Joy. It is sourced Purely from Being checked In. Your Truest Self known allows You to Meet the Moments. Meeting Life on Life's terms! Trusting Your Self and Trusting the Universe ever-guiding You into your Highest Good and Greatest JOY even when it appears otherwise. Being You. Being in the Moments. Dancing Wildly. Feeling the liberation of You at Play with the Infinite. Daring to Follow Your Joy. Being Intentional. Going within and plugging into this Joy inviting It to lead You into your Truest Life where You Feel Home within Your Self as You Live. Beyond an Idea. Beyond putting on a Happy Face. Beyond our Human scope that wants to Define attempting to Explain what MUST be FELT. Beyond our limited Thinking. There Lies JOY. Finding your way to Joy again and again understanding this is touching the heavens as your feet touch the earth. Joy brings Years to Your Heart! Cultivating Joy within, You share this Energy as it is contagious. People Feel It. And Remember, Joy lies within them too. Your Light Heart shines into their Heart. Not by Preaching or telling them how to Live. You simply Living. Being You. Joy is Supa Dupa COOL! Joy is innate. Returning to your Own Nature. Happyass Dancin' in the truest Sense from the Inside OUT! Pure JOY echoing. Pure JOY sangin the Song of You. Pure JOY inspiring your Life. Shouting: woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! It is Always damn Good to Be You. It is Always damn Good to Be Alive.

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