Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Life RETURNS You Home!

Life is a Returning to your Own Nature remembering what lies within You. The Power of the Universe. The Wisdom of the Universe guiding You into Your Greatest Joy. Asking these Assisting Forces within You to guide You into your Truest Self and Truest Life. Asking to See what is concealed as You meet the Days. Dancing with Amazing Grace trusting this Creative Field and Asking what's not for your Highest Good to Gently Go away. Ohhh, The Letting Go. The constant Letting Go and Flowing with the life You came here to Experience. Your Spirit Materializing expressing who You are in All you Think, Do and Say. This energy of Alignment is distinct as You move through the World Being You. Not trying to Think, Do or Say the "Right" thing. Trusting your Self. Standing on your own two Feet with a Sense of who you Truly are being the Mountain feeling the Inner Strength so Limitless. This is the Truest Freedom that Grows day by day enlivening You as Vitality Springs from the Well within. There's an Ease to Life no matter how Challenging the Day as you accept where you are in the moment and Let it Be facing what comes. Knowing This is LIFE. Each moment is Alive with You. You are Participating. You are a Player in this Dream ever-awakening. You Must Be present to Your Self in the Direct Experiences. Extracting the Wisdom being in the Inquiry: "What's this here to Show Me?" And exercising your Power of Choice: "What are You going to Do about It?" Remembering that You have NO POWER over others but Always have the Power to Respond to life's events and circumstances. ALWAYS! No matter what BS you get caught in Remember: YOU are the Answer! The Power lies within You. Untangling from the Fear that will Hook you and Reel You in. Holding your Own hand as You breathe and acknowledge the Fear. Coming back to your Center and knowing your Response to Life's Happenings CHANGES the Everything. It is up to You. Never outside of You. If you look for the solution Outside of You, You will bring the Fated Intervention (the Shitstorms:)) back around in Different circumstances. Avoiding is Delaying what You (WE ALL) must inevitably Face in order to Liberate our Self. You consciously Choosing to Face Life knowing All experiences are Showing You what You Believe at your Core. And reveal where You give Power away to Others Believing You have No Choice in Matters. Being Fully Human, We all go to Sleep and we All wake Up. We All forget the Force of our Own Nature and Return to it. This Sense of Self is negotiated in the moments of your life Choice by Choice, Day by Day. It surely ain't easy but it's necessary. No way around It. You must walk THROUGH life to Find Your Way Home to YOU. You. You. Always More of You coming out to Play. Play ON and On and On. The Force is with You and WITHIN You. It IS! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)).

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