Monday, September 30, 2013

WRITE on Your Heart!






Uttered silently

Their vibration

Powerful beyond measure

Their affect


Opening us

Shutting us down

Awakening us

Deadening us

Stirring us

Cutting us

Jolting us

Inspiring us

Nourishing us

Infusing us with FEAR

Inviting JOY

Bringing the LOVE

Passing on HOPE

From this knowing

Choose YOUR words


All day long

Words that AFFIRM you

Words that help you remember

The Beauty that you are

The Magnificence of your life

So you may offer your Self

Generously to this world

In need of YOU.

I entered this world in love with words.  But I didn’t become conscious of their powerful affect until my early twenties.  I was stepping into a new lifetime and the words I had fed my Self in the past were starving me, cutting me off from the juice of life.  I was in the fight for my life and I knew from the depths of me it was time to stop the violence, using hyper-critical words as a weapon against my Self.  It was time to choose my words in order to create the life I wanted to live.  I began to write on my heart every single day all day long words that helped me to remember the beauty of my life, the joy in living and the dreams made possible from this knowing.  I would write quotes and affirmations with a black sharpie on neon sticky notes and place them strategically to keep the words in front of me, welcoming the wisdom, allowing them to nourish me and help me remember the truth of who I am.  I positioned notes on my bathroom mirror where I could sip in the magic first thing in the morning and at the end of every day; I had them on my computer monitor and wallpapered the bathroom door in the office to share with the team; I taped them on my dash board because I was on the road most of the time visiting clients and making sales calls.

This day, I want to write on your heart:

The magic of life lies in your every breath not outside of you…sip that in!

The greatest gift you give this world is YOU…bring all of YOU out to SHINE!
In the play of life, new worlds are discovered...LIFE is wondrous!

There will never be another human being just like YOU…share your SELF generously!

There will never be another day just like this ONE so ENJOY IT!

You have EVERYTHING to give and NOTHING to lose!

The only thing crazier than crazy is trying to change crazy…UNTETHER your Self from drama, BS and chaos, live FREE in PEACE!

The greatest adventure is living fully engaged, flowing with life, present to the direct experiences and choosing to LOVE LIFE no matter what!

There is nothing you can manufacture through pretending to be who you think you should be that is as magnificent as being who you truly are in any given moment!

Connect to your Self so you can connect with others…LOVE your Self and your life so you can love others and appreciate their lives…we are all in this together!

SHOW UP for life and Say THANK YOU all damn day! 

Put down the fu%#ing bat and love yourself up – PERFECTIONism kills the spirit and trying to be PERFECT creates a constipated life!

LAUGH as much as possible.  Humor is an all-healing balm – truly divine medicine!

The invitation this day and this lifetime is to WRITE ON YOUR HEART consciously all day long words that affirm you and help you to remember the beauty that you are and the magnificence of this life so you can give all of your Self to this world in need of the gift you are.  Receive the words others write on your heart that awaken you and inspire you, mirroring the truth of all that you are.  Dismiss the words that leave you feeling less than remembering that what others say about us or to us is really about them; and the same goes for what we say.  When we cannot nourish our Self and aren’t enjoying life, we cannot give this to others and don’t wish them happiness.  It all starts with us!  FEED your Self and let this higher vibration you live in pour into the world breath by breath…MAGIC! 

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