Thursday, September 12, 2013

Savor The Day



Oh, I taste life fully

The sweetness

The spicy

The bitter

The bland

With more intention

With more delight

Letting my five senses

Enjoy the various textures

The smorgasbord

The feast  



Instead of bypassing

The experiences

Inhaling instead of savoring

The flavors present

Moment by moment

Chomping and swallowing

Not even tasting

Starving for life’s deliciousness

Forgetting the goodness

Numbing out

Going to sleep at the wheel

Being swept away by busyness

Life at a hectic pace

Stripping away joy

Dismissing pleasure

Silencing the soul

That knows:

We are here to live in JOY

Which comes from SAVORing life

With the whole of our Self

Being fed

Being nourished

Connected to the rhythm of the Universe

This day

Every day

For as long as it lasts


So lovely.

So delicious.

So satisfying.

So divine.


Eating is so fun!  Food is essential to sustain our lives but savoring that which we choose to eat is equally as important.  I love feeling excited by what is being prepared for me to eat whether I am cooking or a friend is or I am at a restaurant or café that I frequent.  Taking that first bite, yummmmm…savoring it, allowing the flavors to bubble up, delighting my senses, creating an aliveness, a joy in the experience nourishes me.  I feel starved by soulless meals which is what I call frozen dinners – not to project my stuff onto you or label them bad, I only wish to share the distinction I have found in being nourished versus filling the hump, chewing and swallowing without tasting and feeling starved within an hour.  There are times that I absolutely need to make something quick but at some point in my day, I have to stop, pause and savor what I am eating because I want the pleasure that comes from doing so.  

Life is meant to be savored.  We are here to taste the deliciousness that satisfies as nothing else can and leaves us at the end of the day with a sense of gratitude at how lovely this banquet is.  The smorgasbord of life with all its variety:  the sweetness, the bitter, the bland, the spicy…awakens and enlivens us if we are present to the fullness of the experiences instead of bypassing them by chomping and swallowing in order to keep on task.

The irony of “Diet” books being bestsellers, fad diets and experts shout their tips on every talk show while obesity is at an all-time high in our country.  Everybody has the answer and we look to find the way outside of our Self – trying to follow what the so-called experts say instead of listening to our Self, the inner rhythm that urges us, begs us to SAVOR this day, this moment, this life.  We strip away the pleasure of life, poo-pooing it, dismissing what can feed us like nothing else can as we stand in our life starving yet carrying extra weight, the heaviness of life manifesting physically.  Our energy implodes as we grind away focusing on productivity and giving no thought to nourishing our Self through cultivating joy.

In a month, I will be 45 years old and my body is growing more alive in the nourishment found in SAVORing the days.  I have more vitality as my mind, body, heart and soul are awakened by my choices, my attitudes, my beliefs, my commitment to being fully engaged in life.  Yes, I work out and I am a runner but I have been doing this for over 20 years now – it is NOT enough.  The gift of my late-husband’s death almost 3 years ago has been the absolute knowing that this is my life and I welcome the abundance and beauty of each day, allowing it to touch the depths of me, staying tuned in to my needs and wants – what gives me pleasure and what simply doesn’t and making choices that bring more of what feeds me so I can share my Self generously.

The invitation this day is SAVOR it, SAVOR life…AHHHHHH!  Taste it all and let it inform you, guide you and lead you to the pleasures, the deliciousness that you are so hungry for, that you so desire and so deserve to experience.  Don’t starve your Self by cutting your Self off from the goodness, the juices of life that will free you to sing, to dance, to play come what may.  Your JOY in living inspires JOY in others bringing more JOY to the world.  So wondrous.  Chew on them apples all day long…PLEASE!    

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