Thursday, September 5, 2013

Balance is Good.



There is no way to divide our day


Distributing our energies

Proportionately into this and that

And the thought of trying to do so

Gives me pause

As I feel like that is asking the impossible

Causing us undo stress


Perfectionism run amuck

That holds to an ideal standard

Imposed by our culture  

Rigidity that will break us

Robbing us of an inspired life

Where the days ebb & flow

With both utter chaos and calm

Requiring us to adapt

Do what we must

Rolling with the ever-changing demands

In all areas of our life

Understanding that we do the best we can

And in this knowing

We can rest

We can feel good

Nourish our Self

Tune in to the wisdom within

Balance our energies

Through letting go of expectations

Dictated by others

That there is a right way and wrong way to live

And if you do this, it’s good

And if you do that, it’s bad

Harmony is a rhythm of living

From the depths of you

Where it is possible to find Balance

No matter what the day brings

Balance is good.


The conversations I have had around balance and harmony speaks the cosmic call to go within and find what we are ever-seeking outside of us.  The only place that harmony and balance is possible is tapping into to that rhythm that comes from the depth of our being.  Life is chaotic, ever-changing, requiring us to adapt with the ebbs and the flows so when we try to stick to a rigid schedule or plan believing this is how we create balance, we actually create more stress by pushing against what has come our way.  Yes, we plan our life, schedule our days attempting to create balance and divide our energies.  And we watch it unfold, rolling with and adjusting as we hit bumps in the road. 

Rigidity will break us as it doesn’t allow us to bend with life going against our harmonious nature that wants to rest in balance as it does whatever it needs to do.  Think of the image of the tree standing strong in the meadow facing whatever the winds blow its way, day after day, year after year, with its branches bending and waving.  There is a harmonious rhythm, a balance in the chaos and in the calm.

I began “juicing” about a month ago, adding a glass of blended kale, lemon, ginger, apple and celery to my day – not as a food substitute as I am an eating and chewing kinda’ gal.  In between sessions last week, I walked over to the Turnip Truck, a market across the street from my condo that makes fresh juice to get my 16 ounces of goodness.  Standing in line at the counter, I realized that I would rather have a giant peanut butter cookie from the bakery so I walked over and got one.  As I walked back home, I enjoyed every last bite, licking my fingers and feeling so nourished.  I texted my friend who turned me onto juicing:  Balance is good.  Cookies are damn good.  YUMMMM.  Walked over to get juice but as I tuned it, I wanted a cookie instead.  He responded:  I get it!  Me too.  Had a brownie with vanilla ice cream and it was damn good. 

This was a full-circle moment for me to show my innate ability to find balance in my life from the depths of me instead of outside of me where I allow others to dictate the shoulds and should nots, the good and the bad.  I had planned to go get juice as I have been doing around the same time of day, but I allowed my Self to adapt to where I was and spontaneously choose a giant cookie the size of my head.  No guilt.  No shame.  I was nourished and fed not just by the cookie but my willingness to trust my needs and wants, honor my Self instead of imposing perfectionistic standards upon my life which are heavy not harmonious.

The invitation this day is to welcome your inner rhythm, tune in to the harmonious energies that flow and adapt creating balance within that allows us to meet the demands of our life.  Rest in this space come what may.  Trust the wisdom that is guiding you, wanting only good for you.  Breathe into the moments of your life with a sense of joy that comes from being you, knowing your Self and sharing your gifts with the world.        

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