Saturday, September 21, 2013

Showered by GOODness

The Rain

Invoked by Sacred Dance & Ritual

Throughout the Ages

Its nourishment essential

To fertile soil

Flourishing crops

Sustaining our ecosystem

To ALL life

Holds a magic

All its own

Falling from the skies

Forcefully & gently

Shifting angles with the winds

Washing over us

Clearing away the old

Showering us with its GOODness

Sprinkling new life

Seeds of potential

Within Us

Within Creation

In this moment

In this day

In this lifetime.


I love me sum rain!  I do.  In climate weather feeds my soul especially rain storms that crash through setting the skies a blaze mirroring my inner fire and awakening more that longs to spring from me.  As a child, I remember our city street flooding and I had to go plunge into the murky waters – completely unaffected by my mom shouting how filthy the water was and I was going to get sick from it.  Hell!  I’d wade in the creek water too and loved how its waters moved more forcefully like a river following the storms.

Last night, I headed out on foot, walking the streets of Nashville, putting my face to the skies so I could feel the rain drizzling.  Cab drivers stopped to ask if I needed a ride and I politely said No Thanks! smiling from the depths of me as I soaked up this adventure, feeling so grateful that I have weatherproof hair that just gets wilder and curlier which I actually don’t mind.  Walking back home at the end of my night, it was raining much harder and with every step I felt myself enlivened by the magic of this primal connection at play within me.  My clothes and hair drenched, I walked into my building and the concierge’s jaw dropped open as he said, OMG!!!  You got caught in the rain! I responded enthusiastically:  I did!  And it is so FUN to be showered by GOODness!

As I pulled my drapes this morning, I was thrilled to see the rain.  I pulled on my running duds and headed out for more GOODness.  With the streets empty, they became my playground as I jumped over puddles and danced at a pace set by the rhythm of the rain.  The squirrels danced with me, shimmying up the trees and bounding up the hills.  No earphones in my ears, I let the birds serenade me with their sweet songs.  The crows cawed reminding me of the message that washed upon my shore yesterday morning and is still settling in my bones:  There are new worlds within you READY to sing!  My creative juices flowing, valves wide open with no resistance, from all this GOODness; I am inspired by the rains washing over me, clearing out the old, sprinkling new life, cultivating seeds of potential within me, within us all, within Creation.

Running over the Shelby Street pedestrian bridge downtown, there was an event being held on the other side.  I could see balloons and hundreds of people in running gear.  A DJ was announcing that the race would begin in 5 minutes and then, I heard The Black Eyed Peas song:  I gotta FEELIN’! blasting from the speakers.  Pumped!  I sprinted back over the bridge kicking its ass – READY to get this party started, live this day fully from being showered by GOODness that is, that always is if we choose to let it in.

The invitation this day is to not allow the conditions the day brings whether stormy or calm, to cut you off from the GOODness that is ever-present.  Welcome it!  Look for it.  Let it shower you with its abundance.  The proverb:  Some people walk through rain while others just get wet speaks to the power of our attitude to meet life, as it is, loving it and invoking the GOODness, the magic to wash over you come what may.        

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