Monday, September 23, 2013

This MAGIC Moment


Untethering our Self

From yesterdays

Letting go

Of all that was

Recognizing the LIFE-giving energies

All that served us THEN

Remains with us NOW

Blowing through us

All our days


Flooding us with graces

We Step into the MAGIC of this moment

 Both feet on this Earth

Welcoming the heavens

Dwelling in possibilities

Writing new scripts

Allowing worlds within us to SING

As they have never sung before

Like the birds in the Sky

Using the winds to carry them

When we dare to surrender

To the MAGIC of this moment

The flow of life

Pulsing through us

Will guide us with its invisible forces

To destinations

Throughout our lifetime

Beyond our wildest dreams

The courage

To wave our wands

Believing in the MAGIC of life

Stepping into the unknown

Pulling rabbits out of hats






Sprinkling pixie dust

So we might see with fresh eyes

Instead of recreating

That which stops the flow of life

Forgetting we are here

To come ALIVE!

Take my hand

JUMP into the now

Step into this MAGIC moment

Bang your chest with your fists

Opening your heart

To ALL of your Dreams


You are KING of this jungle

You are QUEEN of this jungle


Knowing this

Invoking the MAGIC of life

It is ON!

Anticipate the wonder

Be excited


BeFRIEND spontaneity


This moment

This MAGIC moment


Make it

All you want it to be


Will be revealed…


This day is MAGIC!  was my first thought of the day.  And moment by moment, more MAGIC has been revealed as I am completely open, allowing life to blow through me, resisting nothing as waves of feelings come and go, as thoughts enter and leave.  I tune in to the thoughts and feelings that make me come alive recognizing in this space I am connected to the magic of life, the graces that never-cease and bring forward what I alone simply cannot.  I let go, untether my Self from thoughts and feelings that stop the flow of life, that cut me off from the Truth of who I am and the beauty of this wondrous adventure.

The fall air enlivens me as my breaths are full, feeding all of me:  mind, body, heart and soul.  As I headed out on my run, the day was breaking, revealing in this first light all that had been hidden, concealed in the darkness just moments before this moment.  I was struck by nature mirroring my inner world.  One moment, I believe this and I know what I know and then, more is always revealed.  I am constantly shown beyond my limited thinking, ushered beyond my beliefs as new life hatches in perfect time.  Even though I am standing here, where I have stood before, appearing to be the same yet I am made anew by the light of this moment, this day.  Magic!

Unplugging our Self from yesterdays, letting go of what was, knowing that the life-giving energies from the past companion us as we travel into the present and future, we become vessels sailing to new destinations fueled by our dreams, our visions, our hopes while guided by the soul force of the universe. Living in the openness frees us from recreating old scripts that have played out and welcomes the surprises so vast the mind could never contain them. 

The invitation this day is to take my hand and JUMP into the now, stepping into this MAGIC moment, banging your chest like Tarzan with both fists, opening your Self, your heart to all of your dreams as you REMEMBER:  I am KING of this jungle!  I am QUEEN of this jungle! claiming the power that pulses through you, owning your gifts, navigating life choice by choice, knowing from this space:  It is ON!  Nothing can stop you but YOU.  Anticipate the wonder.  Be excited.  Reach for the GOODness.  Play joyfully.  Befriend spontaneity.  SHOW UP for life with all of YOU using the energies you uniquely embody.   This moment, this MAGIC moment is your life.  Make it all you want it to be.  Dare to pull rabbits out of hats.  And MORE will be revealed…tada!        

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