Saturday, September 28, 2013

Livin' Like You MEAN IT!



This moment

Is your life

No matter

If you are cursing where you are

Or overflowing with gratitude


Live that moment

That experience

Like you MEAN IT

Being fully present


Right here & now










Allowing it ALL

Resisting nothing

OPEN to what comes & goes

Is livin’ like you MEAN IT!

I have a print hanging on the wall in my guest bedroom that says:  There’s more to life than taking breaths.  Every time I walk in that room, I soak up that wisdom; and this morning with goop still in my eyes in the process of waking up, I read it and it jolted me into the day as I replied with all of me:  Hell yeah!  Livin’ like I mean it! The energy of this thought pulses through me.  So simple yet and profound, the power of one-liners to help us remember to LIVE!   

There are moments in life that rock us, stealing our very breath, holding life hostage as we become like fish out of water gulping pockets of oxygen.  I get this!  Been there.  And BEING there, in that moment and the succession of moments that followed, bringing a beautiful blend of love, grace, beauty, truth, horror, fear, hope, faith, sheer terror, joy and so on, was me livin’ like I mean it!  This is a fierce way of living as we flow with the ever-changing rhythm of life.  Recognizing that this, this moment is my life and in pushing it away, I am choosing to push away my life; To allow life – all of life – to touch us, we come alive in the truth of the moment. 

Whatever we are doing whether it’s cheering on our favorite team, cleaning the house, visiting with friends or shopping for groceries, making the conscious choice to be there in that moment is livin’ like you MEAN IT!  The energy is one of undeniable joy that frees us, opens us to the truth that life is damn good any way we slice it or dice it.  And placing conditions on life, waiting for what we believe are the big moments, waiting for things to line up as we think they should be takes us out of the flow that allows the beauty to spring from all moments.

A friend called on her way to meeting up with a guy she really likes and was rambling, judging herself for being a hot mess, a ball of nerves and how this makes her act weird and shut down.  Our conversation was around making the nervousness okay, being present to it, allowing it; feeling nervous and using that energy by expressing it through smiling, laughing, talking and listening.  Everything shifted for her in the recognition that it isn’t about good or bad; the living our life is the spending of energy, flowing with all that comes.  Damming up, resisting what is, we check out, we shut down and are dulled by a life of merely taking breaths instead of living like we mean it! engaged in the dance.   

The invitation this day is to live like you MEAN IT!  Ground in the truth that this, this moment…this moment is YOUR LIFE, holding it all sacred, welcome the joy in being present to what is!  Feel the energy bursting from you as you move through your day with the knowing that being in the direct experiences of your life come what may enlivens you.  The choice is yours to stand outside of your life, taking breaths, surviving the day or to stand right here and now, moment by moment and let life flow through you – valves wide open.  OH JOY!

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