Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Cycles of Life: Caterpillar into Butterfly


The Proverb:

Just when the caterpillar

Thought the world was over

It became a butterfly…

Washed through me this morning

Echoing truth

Mirroring my own experience

The human journey

 Cycles of death and rebirth

Necessary but never easy







Unplugging from the old



Requiring blind faith

To navigate

To keep on keepin’ on

To live in the hope

To stay the course

Trusting the process of life

Meeting life on life’s terms

Believing new life will come

Good will rise

Beauty will be revealed

Allowing this promise

This knowing

To hold us

To soothe us

Through the moments of crazy

And moments of grace

When we least expect it

We burst from the cocoon

Made anew


More glorious

More alive


To wander where we never dared before

To taste a depth of life unparalleled

To live as though everything is a miracle


Understanding we are the abundance of life

Receiving this truth

All that we are

All that lies within us

Grounding the gifts, the abundance

Bestowed on us graciously by the Great Creator

We are One with the Source of Life

All our hearts desires pulse through

As we flap our wings joyously

Sharing our Self

All of us

Because it is our greatest JOY to do so

With the flood gates wide open

To the possibilities

Hatching moment by moment

Breath by breath

We see the Secret to Life

Is being wherever we are fully

Allowing whatever cycle is necessary

To cut away

The dead

All that needs to go

So we may know

The magnificence we are

The treasure we are

Not holding back

Bursting with vitality

Scattering BIG LOVE

That springs through every fiber of our being

Because we must

Because this is what souls on fire do

Because this is the byproduct of loving our life

Honoring and appreciating

Who we are

All we have been given


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