Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's ALL good...


The chant in my heart

This day


It is ALL good!

What a grand reminder

Of the Truth

The pure goodness

That is life

Beyond the circumstances

Beyond the expectations

Beyond my judgments of how it should be

Beyond my limited Self

Beyond the dramas spinning chaos

The chant of this truth:

It is ALL good!

Washes away all that keeps the goodness at bay

Grounds me in the beauty that “is”

Infuses me with a knowing that liberates

Allows me to rest in the ebbs & flows

Shows me possibilities – miracles hatching from the muck

Focuses my eyes to see what I was blind to

Graces me with the attitude of gratitude

Brings the hope that GOOD rises, GOOD comes

Centers my heart in the Sacredness

The holiness

The GOODness

Of each moment

Of all life

Of this day

Of this lifetime

Let your heart chant thunderously:


Come what may

Keep the faith in the goodness that “is”

Wherever you find your Self

In the midst of grief

In the midst of confusion

In the midst of pain

In the midst of transition

Let the Truth

Soothe your soul


Companion you as you journey this life.


This chant in my heart:  It’s ALL good! lightens my heart as I giggle, smiling from the depths of me.   The things I used to categorize as bad simply won’t let me.  My judgment, the boxes I used to place events and circumstances into just doesn’t exist anymore as the truth that it is REALLY all good has liberated me.  It won’t allow me to keep the pure goodness that is this life at bay any longer which floods my heart, my mind, my body and my soul with a perpetual state of awe and wonder even in absolutely human moments filled with chaos and drama.  I see the sacredness of each moment and in all life even when it aint all pretty because I now see the sacredness of my own life even when it aint all pretty.  Through the eyes of the soul, Beauty is, Goodness is even when it appears to be otherwise.

Just because I see the good rising doesn’t mean I dismiss the tragedy, the trauma of life’s events, but I don’t wallow or stay stuck in that energy as my soul won’t allow this.  I am soothed and find rest through witnessing the love that springs from the muck.  The soul is the only place that can reconcile the global events that we are bombarded with daily as the mind will be fried from overload and overwhelm trying to make sense of that which will never make sense.    

To let go of good days and bad days and be present to life allows us to live in the grace that comes from the attitude of gratitude, traveling this life with an abiding thank you! in our heart.s  Ask to be shown the good!  Be committed to seeing the good.  The moments of our life inform, bringing forward people, places and things that reveal where we are, how we feel, what is going on with us for real, for real; inviting the truth, the good to come, we can use all experiences instead of getting stuck in the chaotic dramas that waste precious energy.  Even when we spiral into the dramas, we can be freed by our willingness to look for the good, all that the experiences have to teach us and show us and remind us we are perfectly human, flawed beautifully. 

The invitation is to allow the truth:  It’s ALL good! to chant in your heart this day and companion you through your journey this lifetime.

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