Friday, September 6, 2013

Peyton Manning: Making HIS History

A new Season

Game Time

Showing up

Leading the Team

Holding the Vision


Ready for whatever comes


Knowing his gifts

Believing in himself and the team

In spite of the outside debate

As to whether he “should” have retired

Staying in the moment

Play by play

Tuning in to his inner rhythm

Trusting his instincts

Finding new gears

Going to depths tasted by few

Inspiring all who witnessed his magic

Greatness personified

More than just a football game

More than just a football player

A soul on fire

Living his passion

Making his history

Simply because he MUST

Following the call

That drowns out the noise

Of critics

Of armchair quarterbacks

Of so-called experts

He knows this is HIS life

It belongs to him

The choices are his to make

He chooses to make his history!


I am a football FREAK!  I love football and I love me some Peyton Manning which has made me a Bronco’s fan as well as a devoted Colt’s fan.  Peyton, known as the maestro, he possesses a genius calling plays, spontaneously switching to new rhythms as he trusts his instincts, thrilling all who witness his greatness, his special brand of magic on the football field.  He not only inspires his team, he lifts us all, reminding us all that lies within us and making our own history in life requires us to tune in and listen to the inner nudges and silent calls of our soul that drown out the noise of others who are naysayers. 

Last night kicked off the NFL season and there have been hours of debates as to whether Peyton Manning should have just retired, hung it up after his neck surgery.  Ramblings from critics and armchair quarterbacks who blow hot air in order to fuel debate were silenced as Peyton sang his song so poetically and thunderously.  He threw 7 touchdown passes for 437 yards tying a record that hadn’t been touched since 1963; and joins only 5 others in the history of the NFL who have done the same.  He had the game of his career which will be talked about long after his time on the field. 

There is no way he could have known all that would unfold.  He showed up.  He prepared.  He stayed in the moment play by play.  He didn’t require perfection but stayed committed to the vision.  He remained stealth as the challenges came his way knowing his gifts and willing to stay open and go where he had never gone before.  He does this because he must following the call of his soul on fire, living his passion, making choices without needing the approval of other as he understands this is his life, his history to make.

The invitation this day is Make YOUR History!  Live life on your terms in a way that pleases you.  Be inspired by others out in the world doing what they do, reminding us to dream our dreams, to dwell in possibilities, to never stop believing in our Self and the power of our life, to do whatever we must in order to live the passion that lies within us, pouring our unique gifts and beauty and magnificence into this world breath by breath, day by day.  Let your song be heard.  Let it drown out the peanut gallery full of naysayers.  Hot damn!  Let’s play.

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