Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Let's Get This Party Started!


What if Life is a Party

And we are the creators

The planners

The joyful participants

The Lucky Ones

Who get to bake a Cake

Every single day

And eat it too

And the living or our Life

Is icing on the Cake

So delicious

So sweet

So Yummmm…

That we must do a Happy Dance

While still in our PJ’s

With morning breath

Brewing our coffee

Toasting our bagels

Our hearts singing & shouting:


Anticipating the discovery

In the ever-unfolding day

Expecting the goodness

Getting to live this life

And be who we are

Filled with awe








Our hearts light and open

We are pied pipers

Leading the way

Inviting others to the party

This energy flowing

Engulfing others

As being ALIVE is contagious

Asking silently & aloud:

Are you ready to get this party started?

Let’s party all day long.


I woke up this morning to this thought:  Girl, Let’s get this party started!!!!  and was so energized with anticipation of this unfolding day and life that I did a happy dance while still in my PJ’s and no caffeine pumping through this body – merely inspired by the joy in living, experiencing the party, the celebration all day long.

Riding the elevator down for my morning run, a guy jumped on so I asked him:  Are you ready to get this party started?!  He looked me in the eye smiling, inspired by the joy in the thought of life as a party and declared:  I wasn’t a minute ago but Now, I AM!  Then, I had to ask everybody I met in the lobby on my way out; and like the pied piper leading the way, I invited everyone to the party – engulfing them in the flow of the energy as being ALIVE, engaged in this life is contagious. 

We often dismiss the power of our attitude toward life and how it creates life as a party and then, you die or life as a bitch and then, you die.  We get to choose and I choose LIFE AS A PARTY!  The living of life is so sweet.  It is truly icing on the cake.  Life is so delicious and yummy that when it’s over, I believe we will miss even the experiences that we cursed, that filled us with the taste of bitterness. But miracles hatch when we expect the goodness even when we are walking through personal hells and challenges, even when there are global catastrophes. 

The invitation this day is to ask your Self:  Are you ready to get this party started?  Feel the feelings of life as a party.  Drop into the excitement, anticipating the goodness, the sweet taste of icing on the cake.  Let hope sing its song within you causing you to do a happy dance because you can and it feels damn good to dance and be silly and play.  Let your heart be light and allow happiness.  Look for reasons to be happy, to love your life, to create the ultimate party that leaves you singing songs that only you can sing all day long because you simply must, because your joy in being alive cannot be contained as it bursts through you into the hearts of others.    

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