Monday, September 9, 2013

Consciously Inviting HAPPYness!

None of us wakes us


I don’t want to be Happy

I want this to be the shittiest day ever

Bring on the drudgery

Bring on the disappointment

Bring on the irritation

Bring on the dramas that drain me


How many of us wake up


I want HAPPYness

I want this to be the best day ever

Bring the on the Beauty

Bring on the Joy

Bring on the adventures that open me

Show me more of who I am

Freeing me

Unplugging from old patterns and beliefs

Reminding me:  anything is possible!

HOPE lives!!!


LOVE Bigger

Living each day

Meeting all that comes


Finding a way

Beyond reason

To Love it all

Because it makes us HAPPY

To do so

Knowing life ain’t all pretty

But it is damn GOOD…


While in conversation with a friend about the happiness I live in now that surprises the hell out of me and keeps me smiling from the depths of me all day long, she told me she feels my happiness and it has such a great effect on her when we are together but she wants to sustain this in her own life.  There is no doubt that the people we surround our Self with impact us mind, body, heart and soul whether we are aware of this or not; and I love the quote that speaks to this by Marcel Proust:  Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.  But owning our power of choice, consciously inviting happiness each day as our eyes open is essential to cultivating a life of unconditional happiness that knows shitty things happen but wondrous things happen too.  It is not a denial of the difficulties, the challenges, the tragedies; it is a conscious decision to look for the goodness in life whether it is the people we journey with or meet briefly who make our souls blossom and expand in ways that are truly miraculous or whether it is observing nature or laughing at our Self, whatever it is for you.

Unhappiness is information too!  Use it to exercise your power of choice so you can make necessary changes to free more joy, more of you as you know you are in charge of your life.  You are responsible for your life – no one else!  And if our happiness is contingent upon others and things lining up the way we think they should, we will definitely live in perpetual disappointment day in and day out.  The people we surround our Self with definitely influence our attitude and energy so when we no longer enjoy the company of someone, it is wise to move on, allowing them to be where they are while honoring where you are.  The same goes with the things we do, often, things we have done for years.  One day, we just don’t enjoy doing them anymore as they no longer are enjoyable, they don’t bring the happiness but we resist the change because we like the familiarity, choosing to be comfortable over happy.

I often say that HAPPYness is underrated.  We discount it.  We poo-poo believing no one is really happy.  And to this I call:  Bullshit!  Happiness is everything as everything we ever want for our life SPRINGS from this as it is the fuel that launches rockets from the depths of us orbiting us where we never dreamed of going before, beyond the limitations that fence us in.

The invitation is to consciously INVITE HAPPYness in this moment, in every moment, not denying the crapola that makes us want to crawl back into the safety of our bed but welcoming a state of being that sustains and enlivens us come what may, allowing us to LOVE each day and LIVE it all.  May you know happiness this day and all of your days.  May we all know happiness this day and all our days.   

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