Wednesday, September 25, 2013

There is such a JOY


There is such a JOY

In living

It feeds me

Breath by breath

Shattering the boxes

Of my thoughts

That imprison with conditions

Freeing me

So I can SEE

This Treasure I have been given

My very life

Reason enough

To pause

In awe

Give thanks!






The miracles that spring from JOY

Are immeasurable

As this energy

Is cast

Into the world

Human to human

Heart to heart

Soul to soul






Through the power of TRUTH

Knowing that JOY abounds

Without ceasing

It is us

Who forgets

Asleep in the staleness

Stopping the flow

But when we remember

It is ON!

Life flows abundantly

Enchanting us

Moment by moment

As we walk our path

Aware of the beauty

Fully engaged



Oh, how sacred our lives are!  There is truly such a joy in living wherever we find our Self in any given moment, frame by frame, with eyes wide open fully present to the moment.  Free from thoughts of how we think things should be, not judging events as good or bad but purely bearing witness, with all of our Self, life flows abundantly in the energy of joy that knows the beauty of it all.

I have held the hand of my dying brother.  I have held vigil over my mom ushering her from this life to the next.  I have kissed the cold lips of my dead husband.  I have watched my nieces and nephew breathe their first breaths.  I have stood by the side of friends as maid of honor at their weddings.  I have been a cheerleader with pompoms in hand for family, friends and strangers as they have taken on great challenges throughout their lives.  I have scaled mountains I used to believe were insurmountable, shattering limits, fists pumping, tears falling, inviting more life to come out and play. 

Like everyone on this human journey, I have tasted the bitter and the sweet; but there is a joy in knowing that the depth of sweetness I now live in came from allowing the bitter in to do what it does – freeing me, enlivening me in ways that weren’t possible before.  We can curse the circumstances and I am a fan of starting there as emotional integrity, feeling what we are feeling is necessary.  When life pinches, bites and stabs, I scream with all of me!  And in time, we arrive at a place where we can see beyond, from the eyes of the soul that extracts the beauty and the wisdom and the JOY in living all that life brings our way.   

The invitation this day is to acknowledge the JOY in living, in being here in this moment present to all of life, alive in this body, expressing as a soul named (Kathy) on this wondrous adventure that takes us where we need to go – sometimes, kicking and screaming and sometimes, with hands in the air ecstatic in the play.  See the treasure you have been given in the gift that is your very life.  Pause and be in awe of you, all that you are as an individual and all that you get to share with this world.  This is reason enough to give thanks, celebrate, jump, dance, leap, dream and be JOY-filled.  BEAUTYfull!    

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