Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Time to Dance...

Hands waving in the air

Fingers snapping

Hips rocking from side to side

Booty shaking

Jumping up and down

Sliding across the floor

Breaking it down beat by beat

Scrunching your face

Widening your eyes

Closing your eyes

Expressing your Self freely

Fists pumping

Hand in hand



Energy pulsing through our bodies

In movement

Finding a rhythm

Song after song

From oldies to current chart toppers

Laughing and delighting

In the dance

It feels so damn good

To celebrate

The wedding

The Monday night

The moment in time

The drive from here to there

The Sunny Day

The rains pouring down

The gift of life

To be Alive

To touch the passion

That knows

The time to dance is NOW…


Saturday, I attended the wedding of two dear friends, Pat and Whit.  Storms had blown in and out of the area all afternoon but stepped aside for the ceremony even sprouting a magnificent rainbow providing the perfect back drop across the skies as they were pronounced husband and wife.  It was definitely a day of celebration as all of us were inspired by their love and the joy of witnessing the exchange of their wedding vows – the beginning of a new adventure in their lives.

Immediately following the ceremony, the storms came swiftly crashing in.  Even with the tents, we got drenched from the winds blowing the rain sideways.  But none of this could dampen the celebration of the day as we all knew it was a time to dance.  The bride and groom danced to Your Love is Lifting Me Higher shimmying and shaking with a lift and twirl at the end to emphasize the love lifting them.  We all cheered them on hooting and hollering and clapping feverishly.  It was such a joy to be with them feeling the flood of happiness, possibilities and hope.

The bride’s father, MikeyO, was like a brother to my late-husband, John, and is now a dear friend of mine.  I grabbed his hand and we boogied as we walked onto the dance floor.  The rains were blowing on us and this seemed to enliven us even more as we laughed out loud, bumping hips with hands waving in the air as the 70’s tune We Want the Bump was playing.  Song after song, our energy grew as we felt so alive in the celebration of Pat and Whit, in the celebration of life recognizing fully how damn good it feels to be in this new life, this new time. 

MikeyO and I had been through hell together following John’s death, our bond sealed as we are ever-connected from the old life and the surprise of the new life, but we hadn’t seen each other in 4 months because of my move to Nashville, Tennessee.  In the middle of the dance floor, we embraced squeezing each other tightly wanting to soak up this precious time together.  I looked him in the eye and said:  It feels damn good to be alive and celebrating.  We have so much life left to live and every day is indeed a celebration.  This is a time to dance.  Let’s Dance!  We got choked up, touched by the enormity of the moment, the abundance of life and the hope present in this day as Whit and Patrick brought us all together with their love.

The invitation this day is to allow the celebration of life – celebrate your life all your days!  The fact that we are alive is reason enough to celebrate.  Dance as if no one is watching recognizing that no one in all the world can dance your dance or dance exactly like you as you are a unique expression of the Creator.  Turn on and turn up music that inspires your movement through life whatever it brings.  There is a magic found in moving our bodies as we drive in the car or prepare dinner moving from one part of our day into the next.  The time to dance is NOW.  Do a Happy Dance hopping and skipping and jumping around like a 5 year old and let the playfulness infuse you with joy.        

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