Thursday, September 26, 2013

There is an ALIVEness!

Daring to DREAM

Creates an ALIVEness

Igniting the flame

Billowing embers

Stoking inner bon fires

Breathing passion

Exploding from us

Into the world

Our Sacred offerings

Infused with our unique energies

Made manifest

Through our effort

And through graces

Compelled by Soul force

That erupts in delight

Wanting to play

Longing to express

Our heart’s desires

 Our truest Life

Bringing forward our truest Self

That comes ALIVE on the Edge



Safe in the Net

Of Truth

That within Us


And knows with certainty:

We have EVERYTHING to give


Absolutely NOTHING to lose

What will be?

Let’s see

One step at a time

One day at a time

New Life hatching

Breaking through limits

We cannot be contained

As we enter the Spirit

That is always FREE

Dancing invisibly within

Pulsing through our bodies

Vibrating with the One

Longing to usher MORE of us

Into the world

From daring to DREAM

There is an ALIVEness!


Dreams have been a recurring theme in sessions, in conversations, and within my own life.  We are all on the edge, breathing, stepping back and forward, teetering, leaping and jumping.  Freedom comes when we enter the spirit which is safe in the net of truth:  we have EVERYTHING to give and NOTHING to lose.  And the greatest gift of Dreams and daring to dream is there is an ALIVEness in the creating, the wanting, the expressing of more life through us as individuals with unique offerings that are truly Sacred.  Dreams are not just physical in nature; they are also spiritual, longing for a way of being in the world, living our truest life as we know who we are and feel privileged to experience this expanding adventure that is rich beyond measure.

I was texting with a friend with the inquiry:  What comes first the chicken or the egg?  Sharing how this awakens us to TRUTH.  We often fool our Self into thinking when we have this or do that or achieve this level of success, we will be rich and we actually will be on some level; but we are always rich, our lives are abundant and from this knowing, embodying this truth, miracles hatch as life springs from the depths of us, our wildest dreams pour through leaving us in awe that we get to be here.  From this space, we launch dreams not to prove our worth but to share our Self generously for the joy in doing so feeds us, nourishing us like nothing else can.  But often, we need to experience outward richness in order to discover the treasure within so it matters not what comes first; what matters most is claiming the richness that is. 

I often speak about my journey to having it all! bringing forward my dreams.  I had a husband who was a dear friend who I absolutely adored and who knew me, flaws and all and still adored me.  He was a partner on this grand adventure who I got to enjoy life with instead of someone who wanted to possess me, tame me and fit me into a box based on his needs or idea of a wife.  I had a flourishing business with a team that walked through fires with me every single day giving it everything they had as we moved mountains together – we were family!  I had vacation homes and beautiful things that marked my success.  But there were more dreams within me ready to hatch that I repressed in order to keep an idea of what I thought should be, what others expected.  It was killing me.  I was imploding energetically which manifested physically as my body carried extra weight even though I was training for marathons running 70 miles or more each week.  I felt dead as I kept plugging myself into a dream that had been lived but was done.  My health deteriorated shutting down my body and there was nothing traditional medicine could do.  I had to sit with my Self and tell the fu$%ing truth:  There was MORE that I wanted – not just stuff but a way I wanted to FEEL and be in the world.  There were new dreams that needed expression.  It was time.  And there was a transition into the more that was to come.

I didn’t know that DREAMing never ceases.  But now, I do.  This is true freedom.  We cut off the flow of life, damming up energies when we try to stop this natural and wondrous gift that expands us ever so graciously.  We live the passion within as we walk through each day until our last breath allowing more, daring to want, holding new visions for our life, dwelling in all that can be while utterly grateful for all that has been and all that is. I also know that it ain’t about the stuff but the stuff is good – ain’t nothin’ wrong with the stuff.  It isn’t either or, it is both, it is all – we can live dreams that feed the mind, body, heart and soul which allow a harmonious life filled with joy.

The invitation this day is to embrace the ALIVEness that comes from daring to dream, to go all the way beyond your comfort zone to the edge.  Stand there and breathe in the truth that You have EVERYTHING to give…EVERYTHING!  Feel the net of safety in this truth holding you as you walk the high wire at a height you have never journeyed before but have longed to experience – above all the limited beliefs you have been spoon fed, above the doubts and fears that have held you hostage, above what you think you should be doing or what others expect you to do.  Let go!  Trust.  Believe. Come ALIVE!  Bring more of you out to play. 

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