Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This Ever-shifting Day


The Day began with a down pour

I welcomed it.

Then the Sun popped out

I welcomed it.

The temperatures began to rise

I welcomed it.

The haze hovered over the mountains

I welcomed it.

The sun began to drop

I welcomed it.

The temperatures dipped

I welcomed it.

The sun set

I welcomed it.

The night came

I welcomed it.

The stars came out to share their magic

I welcomed it.

The moon beams shone through the clouds

I welcomed it.

The day was done for me

I welcomed it.

Oh, the art of Welcoming it ALL

Watching life come and go

Allowing the moments to do what they do

Being with it all

Doing what we do

One day at a time

Receiving the Abundance of this life

With ALL of me

Mind, body, heart and soul…

I am always amazed at the ever-shifting day and how it mirrors this human journey constantly changing moment by moment, breath by breath, day by day so subtly at times we fail to see it and so fiercely at times we are knocked to our knees.  Ebbing and flowing, leaning into the moments whether they are uncomfortable rocking our confidence causing us to scramble dig deep and find gears we have never touched within our Self; or whether they are familiar where we know everything up until this moment has prepared us to handle, to face, to meet what has come our way.  Sometimes, we feel 10 feet tall.  Sometimes, we feel like we are crawling on our bellies.  But nothing stays the same as we are ushered into the next moment, the next experience, and this is the daily dance until our last breath.

As a life coach and numerologist, I know there is great value to the one-on-one sessions that I am privileged to be a part of, holding the lives of each individual so sacred, honoring wherever they are, helping them remember the beauty they are and giving them permission to express all that they are without apology, with no shame in their game.  But nothing, absolutely nothing enlivens and frees us more than being with the direct experiences of our lives, willing to compassionately observe with zero judgment the truth of how we are showing up, the choices we are making and why we make them – all that lies behind our choices, whether we give our power away, what we truly want and need in order to please another; trying to be who they need us to be rather than live our truth, be who we are.

There is an art to living and it comes from welcoming it all, watching life come and go, appreciating who we are and how we show up in any given moment, allowing the moments to do what they will do – washing over us and informing us, being with it all withholding judgment and showering our Self with love and understanding, doing what we do one day at a time, receiving the abundance of this life with all of us:  Mind, body, heart and soul.

The invitation this day is to welcome it all – curse it and bless it, but lean into the moments allowing the truth, seeing what you have never seen before because each moment holds the possibility to make us anew if we are fully there, witnessing and owning our choices, knowing we are the captains of our ship, sailing through storms and calm seas.  Let this ever-shifting day take you on an adventure that leaves you holding your heart in awe that you get to live this life – that you get to be you.  Remind yourself:  There will never be another day just like this one.  And there will never be another human being just like you.  Enter this day grounded in the gift you are and the gifts of this ever-shifting day! 

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