Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The HOPE: Generation to Generation


Each generation

The one before

The one after

Stands on & with each other

A mutual exchange



What was

What is

What will be




Where one ends

The other begins

Where one begins

The other ends

The circle of life

Encompassed in Infinity


Powered by soul

By blood

By sweat

By tears

By play

Daring to explore

To go where you have never been

Having the courage to BELIEVE

Tuning out the critics

Turning up the music within

Passion pulsing

In the sacred dance

Of effort & grace

When one rises

We are all uplifted

HOPE is alive

DREAMS do come true.


I stopped to get gas in a tiny town in Eastern Tennessee heading home to Nashville from the lake.  Standing there by my car as the pump fueled my tank, I heard a man talking in a muffled tone but wasn’t sure what he was saying or if he was talking to me.  I turned and peaked around the island of gas pumps to see a man filling up old antifreeze containers with gasoline.  He told me that his grandson, Brandon is an 11 year old genius and said:  Pop, you sure go through a lot of gasoline with your tractors and equipment.  I am going to figure out how to make fuel right here on the farm so you don’t have to keep going to the filling station.  With wide eyes nodding his head, he assured me that he has no doubt Brandon can and will make that happen.  He added that Brandon wasn’t worth a darn when it comes to diggin’ holes or doing chores on the farm but he sure is a smart one.  I listened delighting in this grandpa’s adoration and belief in his grandson, hanging his hopes and dreams on the next generation.  Before I got back in my car, I acknowledged that he and Brandon each had a genius and how one fueled the other as their connection was undeniable and essential to the other.  He said:  Well, thank you for that little lady…I never thought about it like that.

Often, one generation projects their broken dreams and hopelessness onto the next generation, unconsciously planting seeds of doubt, knocking the wind out of their sails perpetuating patterns that stunt the growth of their potential.  It was absolutely heart-warming to hear this proud grandpa ooze with pride and excitement over what his grandson will do with his life. 

The work I have done in my own life, my fierce commitment to heal, to let go and to reach for more has been inspired by my knowing that my way of being in the world, my beliefs, my attitude, my energy, my hopes, my dreams directly affect the next generation in ways I can see and ways I cannot; but I trust that when I rise, we all rise and when others rise, I rise as the circle of life spirals and twists and unfolds infinite potentials within us all and within the world.

The invitation this day and this lifetime is to be inspired by the next generation and to inspire the next generation.  Let their excitement, their passion for living fuel you and remind you that it ain’t over till it’s over so keep reaching for MORE, be engaged in your life as an adventure, dream BIG, dare to HOPE and BELIEVE in what you never allowed yourself to hope for or believe in before.  The time is now.  Your life is NOW so don’t wait for some day as it may never come.  This day holds the power to change the whole of your life as you plug into the beauty and the magic moment by moment.  Show’em how it’s done!  Show’em how a life well-lived and well-loved is created. 

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