Monday, September 16, 2013

Doors Closing and Doors OPENing


That’s over.  What’s Next?

Living this Adventure

One day at a time

One moment at a time

We experience

A constant flow

Doors closing

Doors OPENing

Nothing stays the same

Try as we might

To hold on to what is gone

What has played out

What has run its course

Leading us here

To this moment

So full of promise

Giving us an opportunity

To reach for more

JUMP into this moment

Taking a leap of Faith

In our Self

In the Universe

Fully connected

To walk through the OPEN door

Into the unknown

Both frightening

And exhilarating

Stretching us

Taking us where we have never been before

Into our Self

Into new worlds within this world

Assuring us:

It is time

We are ready

Holding the hand of Fear

We find our way to JOY

A vibration

That fills us with excitement

OPEN to the moments

As they are

Embracing each step

As doors OPEN and doors CLOSE

Acknowledging our trepidation

Grieving what has come to pass

Focusing on what we want NOW

Tuning in to our heart’s desires


Setting sail for ALL that lies beyond

What we have never known before

Anticipating the discovery

The wonder

The new

That makes this life

The LIVING of this life

The grandest adventure


As we see the necessity of the door closing

So we may OPEN to more

As life is not stagnant

And our trying to make it so

Pushes against our very nature

Represses in our resistance

Implodes energy


Blocks the flow

Locks US

Life is a perpetual blossoming



Our last breath

Being our last brush stroke on the canvass.


This morning, I woke up full of life, excited for no particular reason other than I am here in this world, Alive.  There is a grand feeling of anticipation that all the doors closing and the doors OPENing throughout my life, throughout this day are bringing in new life far grander than I could ever imagine.  There is a joyful dance within me that leaves me grinning even as I write this blog and that feels so lovely and playful and surprising in the most pleasing way.  This must be the bliss the poets and philosophers have written about throughout the ages – an ecstatic state of being with no cause – not a byproduct of anything rather a pulsing vitality merely in existing.

For me, this is a time of asking:  What’s next?  What do I REALLY want? (and daring to dream big, to WANT, to let my heart’s desires pour forth shamelessly – judging nothing that springs from the depths of me enlivened by this freedom as I am engaged in this dance of life.) In this inquiry, I know I am consciously inviting doors to close and doors to open.  Some doors closing will be more difficult than others but I am ready to let go of whatever I must to allow the OPENings.  There have been times in my life where doors have slammed shut that I begged the heavens to pry back open.  Hell!  I have taken crow bars trying to do it myself, to impose my will, fighting for what I wanted to be; and this is necessary, an instinctive reaction to the events of life that absolutely suck and kick our asses.  Then, we come to a crossroad where we must accept the door is not going to open – what is done is done; we honor it – make it sacred – give thanks for it; and choose to walk through the next door that OPENS, into the new life, the unfolding and evolving adventure so we can blossom and grow.

Holding our Self back stifles the life force that wants to flow freely through us.  The invitation this day is to tune in to your energy that does not lie as it mirrors our truest Self – all our wants and desires for our life.  Listen to your inner voice and allow its wisdom to guide you through the ever-changing cycles of life:  doors closing and doors opening.  In the quietness within your Self, dare to ask:  What’s Next?  What do I REALLY want?  Go all the way to the depths of your Self, letting go of what others want for you or what you think you should want.  Honor your Self with the truth that lies within you that longs to be freed.  Write on the top of your journal:  Tell the Fu%$ing Truth! and give your Self the gift of an honest exchange with your Self, connecting deeply and rawly.  Remember, what you want matters as it is essential to allowing you to come alive as never before.  This is YOUR life and creating a life you love, that expresses your truest Self is the greatest legacy you can give your family and this world in need or your fire, your passion, your joy, your BIG LOVE.        

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