Friday, September 27, 2013

Opportunity KNOCKing

The in Between

Where we are

Where we wanna go

Our hopes

Our dreams

Our plans


Through our effort

Through grace

We are primed



Bursts from us

We are Thoroughbreds at gate

Ready to RUN

We hear the faint KNOCKing

As its rhythm is energizing

We know there is more around the corner

We do what we do

Opening the doors

Closing the doors

Meeting each day

We wait

Dwelling in the possibilities

Doing.  Being. Doing. Being.

Oscillating back & forth


We know what we know


Kicking & screaming

Shouting at the gods:


“Come on in already!”

We fantasize how we can force THE door

Blowing the Mutha wide open

Taking a chain saw to it

But opportunity

Comes in unexpected ways

In the seemingly ordinary moments

So we must


Opening the doors

Right in front of us

Tuned in to the knocking


Hunting for the treasures

Believing with all of US

Staying the course

Allowing the detours

ENJOYing the journey



This breaking day knocks with opportunity, moment by moment.  Events unfold, taking us into experiences; some we would never wish for but here we are.  If we avoid what is presented, walking around instead of through what comes our way, we miss the opportunity to extract the wisdom, the information that we can use to arrive at where want to be, to create a life we absolutely love.  What we do with what is presented creates the opportunity!  This is exercising the power of choice.  If we cut and run, we will just bring more of the same until we walk through what is necessary, what is essential to free us from all that holds us back.  This sounds so simple but it is not easy to face our Self, the truth, head on in any given moment.  We know what we know.  We see what we see and believe what we believe locked in a holding pattern, unconscious of the fact that we are standing in our own way.  We are the mountain we must move.  Every moment opportunity knocks to help us grow not to punish us; but to remind us to LIVE the passion, FREE the joy, PLAY, Stay OPEN and see the BEAUTY we are and the magnificence of this life we are privileged to live.

There are no doubt milestones, big opportunities that come knocking throughout our lives, lines of demarcation where we the whole of our lives change, doors fly open flooding us with the sweetness of hopes and dreams realized.  So cool!  But the truth is there were countless opportunities seized along the way to the BIG ONES.  It is all opportunity!  We often fail to see this as we wait and wait for the big ones, but there is such joy in delighting in the seemingly ordinary moments viewing them as golden opportunities containing great treasures.  From this way of living, we no longer wait to be discovered, for others to see us.  We live the adventure in discovering who we truly are, uncovering more of our Self, welcoming honest moments where the truth sets us free, getting clear about what we want and knowing it is possible, enjoying the ride, loving life no matter what, and enlisting the ever-healing balm that is our sense of humor to keep our hearts lights. 

The invitation this day is to see the opportunities in the moments of your lives.  Let the knocking open you to the treasures they hold.  Sometimes it takes a while to see what is there as the gold is covered in muck.  But if you keep looking, if you stay the course, if you choose the attitude that it is all opportunity, good will rise from the shittiest circumstances that come our way.  This is a fierce way to live as we become warriors honoring our precious life with all of us – willing to show up for the battles and celebrate the victories understanding it all serves in our soul’s growth.

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