Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In the Quiet

The Quiet

Found within My Self

Within windows of time

Past, present & future


Bringing forth

Wisdom of the Ages

Cosmic downloads

Throughout my day

Throughout my life

Revelations spring

As flashes of inspiration

Burst from this space

Sacred knowings

Eternal Truths

Not outside of me

Yet part of the whole

Shifting me

Spontaneously healing

All of me

Mind, body, heart & soul

Filling cracks unknown to me

Allowing me to receive

These graces

So mystical

Words fail to paint

The ecstatic dance of Soul

Yet more real

Than any external experience

That knocks into me

Wanting to sweep me away



Dense energies

Swallowing like quicksand

That confine

That cage

That grip

That choke

From the safety

Of the Quiet

I enter this world

Fully engaged

In the dance of life

We are ONE

Connecting with others

But no longer tangling

Bleeding my life force

In their perpetual dramas

The addictive chaos

That stops life from flowing

That silences the music

That cuts off the play

That starves my soul

Taking me out

Of the Ecstasy

In being

Life is noisy!  Some noise we create and welcome while some noise others create which makes us want to cover our ears and run the other way as fast as we can.  This is all a part of this sacred dance we do individually and collectively.  There is no escaping the noise of life, but I have found that resting in the quiet frees me from being tangled in the chaos and drama outside of me so I can remain engaged and at play without the energetic drain.  The quiet within is an invisible bubble that creates a barrier, a layer of protection where I consciously choose what I want to plug into and what I don’t.

I am a fan of crankin’ up my favorite tunes, watching television, talking on the phone and texting, going out into the world enjoying festivities with friends and family.  And I know that shutting everything down, going into the quiet for snippets of time makes my life experiences much richer as I am more present, more of me shows up.

In the quiet, I am so tuned in that I trust my Self to take good care of what I need and what I want, what feels good, who I enjoy being with and who I don’t so where I am and who I am with at any given moment is where I want to be and who I truly want to be with.  No second guessing.  No betraying my Self.  No sacrificing martyr complex BS.  No talking my Self into what isn’t in alignment with my sense of aliveness.  There is a profound safety in this depth of trust as I don’t look outside wondering who is trust-worthy because I have my own back.  I can dip my toe in the water, lean into and explore new life experiences and see if I really want to jump in.

The quiet whispers to me, downloads of inspiration flood through, sacred knowings, truths revealed bringing healing beyond my doing, an invisible grace filling cracks I wasn’t even aware existed until I felt more vitality springing from the whole of me; and could see the infinite beauty of my life and all life no matter how ugly it may appear, no matter how noisy it is, no matter how chaotic or drama-filled.

The invitation this day is to drop into the quiet using your breath to guide you to the world within you that will free the joy in living in the outer world no matter how noisy it is.  The quiet will make you more aware of what you really need and what you really want.  From this space, you can set intentions for your life feeling inspired from being tuned in to your Self as never before; claiming the happiness as you are more engaged in the moment,  in a sense of aliveness that brings more of you out to play.  Revelations through clarity burst from the quiet!  With eyes wide open, you will become aware of the choices you are making that drain your precious life force, bleeding your energy that you need, that is essential to fueling a life of passion that you absolutely love.    

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