Sunday, September 8, 2013

In Thy Hands


While being held by the Dead Sea

In Israel

Dense with Salt Water

So much so

That you cannot swim

You must lie there in surrender

Allowing it to hold you

I heard an inner whisper



While swimming in the beautiful waters

Of my beloved Lake Cumberland

Which have held me for over 20 years now

Wherever I am

Through laughter

Through tears

Through life’s challenges

Through life’s triumphs

Bringing revelation

Giving me exactly what I need

Even when I didn’t know what I needed,

I heard the words

Wash over me:


Inspiring me.

Lifting me.

Arms stretched out fully

I am surrendered

NOT resigned

NOT deflated

NOT in the energy of defeat

Rather enlivened by


All the goodness of life

Receiving the Abundance that I AM

All the Miracles hatching

Blowing through me

Moment by moment

Launching my Heart’s desires

Daring to want

Dreaming new Dreams

Feeling excited by what “is”

And what is to come

Flowing with Life

Valves wide open

Pouring generously

The springs from the well within me

Within all

Within Creation

Vitality pulsing

As I am held

In the infinity of Life

In the hands of the Universe

Invisible to the naked eye

But known intimately

By the depths of me

My soul

United with the Soul

One with the ONE

The space where my soul rests

While at play




Going where I have never gone

Going beyond where I could go alone

Hand in hand

With the Source of Life

Swimming through her cosmic forces

Life-affirming waters






Delighting in our exchange

That births miracles

Heals beyond reason

Makes me whole

That never ceases

That cannot withhold

That is recognized

In the clarity

The bird’s eye view

Through the eyes of my soul

When I live surrendered

As a vulture in the skies

Wings dancing gloriously

With the winds

That hold it

Take it where it needs to go

A power beyond the will

A Grace

A Beauty

Known in the free fall

Trusting our Self

Accepting the Guidance




Bringing through visions

Beyond our wildest dreams

We clutch our Hearts

In Awe

In Sheer JOY

In abiding Gratitude

For the gift of this Life

The limitlessness we Embody

As creatures of Soul

Journeying into immeasurable depths

Dropping rung by rung

Into the Great Unknown

What an adventure being ALIVE is…

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