Saturday, September 14, 2013

Here's to the DREAMers


We are all LIFE Expressing

Making us all Dreamers

Whether we claim it or not

Whether we own this gift or not

Whether we dismiss this privilege

Or enjoy the Play

In this Sacred adventure

Exploring the unknown

Discovering new worlds within this world

Dwelling in Possibilities

Dancing with the Universe

Carrying seeds of Greatness

Hatching Ideas

Ushering them into existence

Fueled by the Passion







Understanding fully

That ALL that has come to be

ALL that we currently know

Was once upon a time

A Dream

Someone dared to DREAM

Throughout the Ages

We have launched Dreams

Following the energies bubbling up from the depths

Doing our part

Allowing the Graces of the Universe to blow through

Receiving this mystical assistance and guidance

Through people we meet along the way

Just when we need to meet them

Carrying messages from beyond

Affirming who we are

Knowing us as we have never been known

Soul to soul

Lighting the way with their encouragement

Reminding us

How alive we feel

In tune with what we were born to be:


I grew up believing that being a dreamer was a bad thing feeling as if I was cursed by how I was wired.  When I was just 10 years old and had announced to my dad and mom:  I am going to be the next Jane Pauley (because she was the most famous person I knew from Indiana at the time…hahaha!)  my dad said to me with a tone of disgust:  You’re a dreamer kid and dreamers don’t go anywhere!  I remember distinctly the shame washing over me, feeling ridiculous for believing that I too could live my dreams; and I also remember simultaneously knowing that I could absolutely live my dreams and knowing my dad’s disgust was about him and his disappointment in his life. But the imprints were pressed upon me through the attitudes of my family and my community so I was affected by the beliefs passed down.

It is that beautiful paradox we embody:  We are human and we are divine – creatures of soul.  We hold both!  At a human level, I absorbed the energies, the complexes my family of origin carried.  At the level of soul, I knew with complete certainty that anything – truly anything is possible and dreaming is essential to expressing life joyfully.  I didn’t have the understanding or ability to language what I was experiencing as a child, but the soul, the truest part of us that holds the sacredness of our dreams, our deepest desires is unshakable and protected from conditioning.  

Shedding the old imprints, untethering my Self from the limitations imposed upon me has allowed me to be where I am right now in my life:  Living my dream of sharing my gifts through being who I am knowing there is always more to come.  And from this place, I continue to be surprised by the dreams that hatch, taking me on new adventures – worlds within this world – day in and day out.  Every day, tuned in to my ever-guiding soul, I ask life to express through me in new ways, launching new dreams, bringing through new life within this lifetime.  There is a sense of play in this so palpable the vibrations of the heavens pulse through me, flowing and morphing and manifesting perfectly.

The invitation this day is to give your Self permission to be a DREAMER.  If it is a four letter word to you, explore where that belief comes from and cut it loose so you can free your Self.  Dwell in possibilities, pause to acknowledge that all that is, all that we know and enjoy started as a dream a dreamer dared to dream since the beginning of time.  Look to your personal heroes and understand there are nuggets of gold in their stories mirroring the greatness, the potential, the beauty that lies within you

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