Friday, September 13, 2013

Laughter's Sweet Song


Joy belongs to those of us

Who know we are the best entertainment

In town

Amused by our Self

Our lives

Playing out this divine comedy

Observing with a twinkle in our eyes

Inviting laughter

Looking for cause to let it erupt

Sifting through the crapola

Allowing the nuggets

Specks of gold

Where humor abounds

 The Abundance

The well of life

In the midst of darkness

Humor brings the light

In the midst of lightness

Humor infuses us with radiance





Shining from the inside OUT

Expressing a vibration

Audible vitality

Springing forth

From the depths of our bellies

From our truest Self

So wise

It sees the Truth

It holds the Joy that “is”




That longs to bubble up

Wash away our troubles

Alchemize the lead into gold

Transform our heavy hearts into light hearts

Setting our Spirits FREE

As we live this life

Accepting all of it

Even the unacceptable

Because this releases the tension

From our resistance

From our conditions

So we can rest

Flowing with life


Riding this adventure

Hands in the air…


Yesterday, I mistakenly hopped on the elevator that was going down instead of up.  I tried to get off but the door closed taking me on a wonderful ride reminding me that laughter’s sweet song lies in us all and when we sing, others sing along because they must.  Two women got on and since no buttons where lit they asked me where I was going offering to hit my floor.  I was giggling to myself amused by the entertainment I am and the divine comedy that is my life playing out, unfolding.  I explained teasingly in a laughing voice that I was just on a joy ride.  They chuckled along with me telling their tales of jumping on the up elevator when wanting to go down and vice versa.  Then, a man got on and joined in the fun asking why we were laughing as he was already delighting in the energy of the exchange, feeling the lightness, being tickled by the vibration that was undeniable. 

The women got off but the man and I continued to banter and laugh during our brief encounter.  He looked me in the eye and said:  I needed this!  I don’t remember when I laughed this hard.  You really enjoy your life.  I can tell.  I hear the joy in your laughter and it is lovely.  As he stepped off the elevator, he turned toward me with a light heart, wide open, he said:  Thank you for your laughter.

As I rode to my floor and walked into my Condo, I was in awe at the magic that I had just witnessed and was privileged to be a part of the exchange.  I have said over the years that it was a healing moment when I realized fully that I am the best entertainment in town.  The joy I know when I am amused by my Self – the things I say, the places I find my Self, the things I do, the people I meet and my wondrous encounters with them.  Every moment of my life is golden when I see the truth that JOY is, it is unshakable, never-ceasing, boundless, and alchemizes the heaviness, lightening my heart, putting a spring in my step, in my words, in my presence as it infuses me with radiance and vitality.   

The invitation this day is to welcome laughter’s sweet song and sing it from the depths of your belly.  Look for reasons to laugh.  When you feel stuck and stale, you can shift your energy through finding the humor.   Embrace the absurdity of life.  Call a friend who you laugh with intimately who gets YOU and your twisted wit and will play along with you.  Speak the crazy that lies in your mind and appreciate your unique observations of your life experiences, you divine comedy here on Earth.  Share your inner comedian with the world.  It is just so fun!  And fun is damn good.  Laughter makes the bitter extra extra sweet. 

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