Sunday, September 15, 2013

Living in the OPENness


Often, we close our Self off

Unconsciously caging our Self

Believing our limited ideas

Locked in

Locked down


What we know

No room for the MORE

Available in the unknown

The Mystical

The OPENness






As we travel through our days

Meeting angels in human form

Who inspire us

Who remind us we are Miracles

Who grace us by mirroring Truth

Who gift us with their beauty and love

OPENing us

To our truest Self

To the web of life

To the power of connection

To vastness

If we dare to stand

Feet planted on the Earth

Living in the OPENness

As the Heavens

Shower us

Wizen us

Break us

Revealing our Magnificence

That “is”

Not just on the days we feel it

Not just on the days we see it

We receive the sacred offerings

Fully OPEN

And discover the abundance that we are

The offerings we possess

Flowing generously with life

In the rhythm



Receiving and Giving

Giving and Receiving

With no thought of lack

As the valves of life pour through us






This is LIVING…


I look back at old beliefs that limited me, that locked me in to a cage that didn’t allow the freedom living in the OPENness infuses me with moment by moment, day by day.  This is not cause for self-criticism or judgment rather seeing that where we are at any given time is where we are; and more will be revealed if we choose living in the OPENness.  I delight in this evolution and blossoming.  Over and over again, I have been shown: Never Say Never (girl!).  Life will take us into experiences that show us how close-minded we unconsciously are as we believe our Self to be this fixed idea, boxing our Self in to these ideas we attach to instead of staying OPEN with the constant inquiry:  Who am I now?  What’s next?  What do I want now?  What will life show me today?  How will life surprise the hell outa’ me today? And allowing the truth that bubbles up to open us, free us and enliven us. 

When we consciously live in the OPENness, we travel our days as the great adventurers on a soul’s journey expressing as “Kathy”, as you, exploring the wonders of each day in an exchange with the whole of the universe – receiving and giving…giving and receiving.  In this space, we are connected to our truest Self that rides the waves of change and possibilities that create miracles through us and our lives. 

The soul doesn’t judge, it knows the Truth and longs to remove the blinders so we can see, so we can remember how sacred our lives are.  Our lives are so sacred and in this absolute knowing, embodying this Truth, our dreams, our truest lives are launched from the depths of us breath by breath, as we are awake to all that we are; and it is our joy to share our Self purely with no agenda, with no expectation, simply because we must.  This is life expressing fully, valves wide OPEN, flowing freely and wildly with unconditional appreciation that we are here alive. 
The invitation this day is to ask the universe:  Let me see clearly where I have shut off the flow of life and OPEN the valves so I embody the vitality that comes from the infinite springs within me and within the whole of creation.  With hearts lifted to the heavens, let them shower you, wizen you, break you out of the mold in order to free more of you and OPEN you to your Self – the miracle you ARE and the miracle of this wondrous life.

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