Tuesday, October 1, 2013

RECEIVing Compliments



Respect GIVEN





Stand there in the moment

Receive the offering

The love

The affirmations

The generosity

Others bestow on you

Receiving is as essential as giving

As life is an exchange of energy

Forget the all you have been taught



Deflecting the Beauty you are


Just say:


(As you sip in the nourishing words)

Giving thanks for the gift you are

How wonderful it is to be YOU

LIFE expressing uniquely as YOU

And from this knowing

You see the Beauty in all life

As it expresses uniquely through others

And through the whole of the universe

Receiving compliments, sipping them in, allowing the words of praise to touch us and remind us of the beauty of our life is divine medicine nourishing us and awakening us to how we uniquely show up in the world day in and day out.  Most of us have been taught to deflect compliments, saying self-deprecating things, squelching the generous offering and not allowing the magic of the affirming words to pierce our heart in need of the good wishes.  Miracles hatch when we welcome this energy as our love is indeed the healer (always!).

What I have observed is we stand outside of our lives, outside of the experience so we aren’t present to receive.  There are co-workers, friends, family, strangers and customers showering us with appreciation, mirroring the beauty of who we are.  We say we hear it.  We say it feels good.  But we do not receive it.  We don’t know it.  We don’t believe it (really!).  As a life coach, I stand with people and re-enter the experience so they can let it in.  Tears come as they are touched at a depth they normally won’t drop in to.  They are seen.  They are known.  They are feeling the enormity of the gift they have been given.  We all want to be seen.  We all want to be known.  And life is magical and wondrous when we walk our paths fully conscious of the abundance we are and all life is.  From this space of awe, there is a true humility and true modesty as we recognize what a privilege it is to journey this life, acknowledging the immeasurable joy in being alive, offering our Self generously as only we can, and contributing our unique brilliance into the collective.   

The invitation this day and this lifetime is to RECEIVE the compliments with your heart wide open.  Stop.  Pause.  Stand there in the moment fully present.  Let it in!  Praises sung have the power to heal past wounds when we were starved for praise.  Respect given by another feels damn good as they acknowledge that we matter, that we make a difference.  Good wishes blow through us mind, body, heart and soul and clear the residue of old beliefs that clog our vitality and make us forget the beauty we are; remembering FREES us so we can see that we are indeed The Swan.  We have always been The Swan and will always be The Swan – never the ugly duckling.  So LOVEly! And from this knowing, we see others are also The Swan and must mirror their beauty back to them through our words of appreciation.    

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