Sunday, September 1, 2013

The HOPE of One Fish


To some a thrilling sport

To others drudgery

To some a source of Joy

To others a waste of time

To some a sacred rhythm

A dance with life

Throwing the net into the waters

In the wee hours of the morning

While the world is at rest

Bringing up the shad

That will serve as bait

Fueling the boat

Checking the equipment

Choosing planer boards or balloons

Preparing for the hunt

Hoping for the one BIG FISH

The lines are cast

Dragging behind the boat

The trolling motor humming along

One bites

Gripping the pole with all your might

Reeling it in

Enjoying the fight

Grabbing the net

Removing the hook

Appreciating the beauty

Sizing it up visually

It’s a BIG ONE

Weighing and measuring

Taking the picture

Capturing this moment in time for the ages

The Lake gods have smiled upon us:

It’s the HOPE of One Fish

The stuff that tales are made of

Passed down over the years

Remembering it happened one day

The HOPE that it can happen again

Reminding us:



My brother in-law, Chuck, was nicknamed:  One Fish by my late-husband, John.  John relentlessly teased  One Fish Chuck as they playfully bantered back and forth, returning from the hunt, a morning of fishing out on Lake Cumberland.  He said Chuck was cursed to only catch one fish.  They laughed hysterically as time after time when fishing with Chuck, they only caught one fish; but when John was by himself or with others, they would limit out feeling the Lake gods smile upon them which added to the taunting. 

Chuck began fishing with Lance, a guide on Lake Cumberland and a dear friend of John’s last summer when we were able to begin new adventures here, when a new rhythm to life was revealed.  Striper (Striped) Bass fishing is laborious, truly artful in the preparation, knowing where to go which coves and fingers hold the potential for a fruitful day. 

Yesterday morning, Lance picked up Chuck and his friend, Dan, in front of the houseboat.  Going to bed early the night before and anticipating the potential for the day, Chuck leapt out of bed at 4a.m. ready for the joy of the hunt come what may.  Some days you come back empty-handed and some days you limit out so it is essential to enjoy the unfolding adventure:  the sun rising over Wolf Creek Dam, the stillness of the waters, the guides radioing each other giving updates on where the fish are biting and where they aren’t, telling tales of the fishing expeditions with John over the years, soaking in the quiet that goes to another level washing away the hectic pace of every day life.   

2 hours later, Chuck returned VICTORIOUS!!!  My sister and I, along with all the guides and fisherman on the dock still call Chuck One Fish but now, it will be for another reason.  He caught the ONE FISH that sent the energy of HOPE to all the fisherman on every dock on Lake Cumberland.  There had been an event on the lake about 5 years ago that killed all the big fish.  But Chuck’s one BIG fish sent a shot of hope that continues to ring as everyone chats and smiles delighting in the possibility that there are more, that the big fish are returning.

The invitation this day is to see that the seemingly little things in life are BIG as they have the potential to remind others ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!  We are people of miracles who forget this and live boxed in smallness whether by beliefs or attitudes.  Let the valves OPEN within you allowing life to flow in ways that surprise and shock and delight you in discovering there is always more and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE (truly!).  Let this knowing rest within you.  Feel excited by your experiences in life, doing what you have never done before and seeing life with fresh eyes.  Live with an understanding that who you were yesterday isn’t who you are today as more is revealed simply by showing up each day.  Let the vibration of HOPE companion you this day, this lifetime…a HOPEful heart welcomes the possibilities.    

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