Sunday, September 29, 2013

Washed Up on New Shores

We are walking along

Waves come CRASHING

Into us

Through us

Around us

Knocking us off our center

Pulling us out of our comfort zone

Taking us under

Holding us against our will

Stealing our breath

We gasp for air

We kick

We fight

We flail

Trying to get to safety

Wanting ground beneath our feet

Surrendering to this power greater than us

We ride out the seas

The flow of energies

Carrying us where we need to go

A necessary journey

Into the depths of life

Within us

Ushering us into worlds

Within this world & beyond  

Washed up on NEW SHORES

Here I am

What’s next?


I awakened with a flood of energy pulsing through me that was exciting in a way I have never experienced yet a familiar dance of letting go and reaching for more.  There was a distinct knowing:  I am being washed up on new shores.  I smiled, delighting in my dear friend, Lois’s wisdom:  I recommend the attitude of the jellyfish which rides out the seas because it goes along with them.  She had shared that one liner with me during a time when the waves came crashing in sweeping me out where I didn’t want to go but had no choice as it was necessary for my soul's journey.  She assured me:  You’re really good at riding out the seas!  and as I look back at the whole of my life, I know this to be true with all of me. 

I don’t know what these new shores I have washed up on this day hold and the miracle of my life is I don’t have to.  I have navigated new shores that I have washed up on again and again and again since my first breath and I know there are more to come as there is no end until my last breath.  It is really all good as it has led me here – everything has served me. I enter each day saying:  Here I am!  What’s next?  I plan and I let life unfold.  I show up.  I trust.  Moment by moment, day by day, I make my way in life leaning in to the direct experiences that are presented grateful as I am ushered into worlds within me and beyond.  This flowing with life is freedom in the release of needing life to be a certain way in order for me to love it, grounded in my gifts, privileged to be a soul expressing uniquely as Kathy, in awe of my life and  seeing the profound beauty, the magnificence of all life no matter how ugly it may appear.  

The invitation this day is to welcome the new shores you are washed up on.  Let them open you to more of who you are.  Look back on your life and see the new shores you have traveled so courageously time and time again.  Appreciate your journey and recognize that you are the hero in your story.  Let this remind you of all that lies within you, the power to move mountains fueled by faith in your Self and assisting forces that blow the graces of the universe through you even at times when it doesn’t feel like it.  Stand on the new shores with both feet planted on the ground and your heart connected to the heavens and say:  Here I am.  What’s next?        

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