Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Party ON!


Allow Life as a party to continue

To consciously


This day

Moment by moment


Every day

For as long as it lasts

Feels enlivening

As I giggle

With childlike wonder

Empty yet full

OPEN the more to come


More excitement!

More adventures!

More surprises!

More GOODness!

More Joy!

More Love!

Jumping with Trust

In my Self

In the Universe

At play



Welcoming the pleasures

The fun

Celebrating that I am here

Alive in this body

Expressing life uniquely

As only I can

Celebrating others

Journeying with me

Expressing life uniquely

As only they can

Fueling each other


Living the Passion

Because it feels damn good

To let the giant within ROAR

A friend’s declaration:

“I am going to kick the days ass!!!!”

Lights my FIRE

Awakening the inner badass

Living fiercely

Not afraid to make this day GREAT

Knowing the best is yet to come

In this moment

In the next moment

This day

And the next day

Living this life

Guided by this Wisdom:

There will never be another day just like this one


There will never be a human being just like me or you

Party ON!

I love living in Nashville!  There is no denying it is a party city and this creates an electric energy that draws people here from all over the world that come to drink from the well (and the bars…hahaha!) and take this back home with them.  Life as a party is visible as the live! music plays in the honky tonks and on the streets – people out and about walking, eating, savoring all the offerings that remind us how fun it is to be alive and engaged in the celebration. 

But living life as a party for me is a way of being, an inner churning to free my spirit, to live in joy, to taste the sweetness, to harvest the bounty found in the moments, the days of my life whether I am writing, petting my cats on the sofa, running or going out on the town.  When people ask me what I do for fun, I found myself saying:  I live!  They laugh and want specifics which I am happy to attempt to share but the living of my life is such a celebration that I no longer wait for special occasions to have fun.  It is wonderful to plan gatherings with my favorite people but my fun, my PARTY doesn’t wait for that as I am clear that life is NOW and some day may never come. 

Beyond a slogan:  Party ON!  reminds me that life is ON, be engaged in the living of your life, Kathy, this life belongs to YOU so tune in and listen honoring your wants and needs, be in the direct experiences and make choices that bring ON the goodness.  In this, life is exciting, freeing, inspiring and flowing.  This isn’t some narcissistic pursuit of Me! Me! Me!  rather it is a liberation of my truest Self that ignites the passion in others so we might dance the dances we came here to dance and sing the songs yet to be sung for the sheer joy in doing so.

The invitation this day is to Party ON! living your life as a celebration of all that is and all that is yet to be.  Standing in your sense of Self fully, knowing the gift you are and the gift you have been given in this life.  Expressing your Self, flowing with life is a perpetual party for as long as this journey lasts.  Find your way to the cage door and soar in true freedom that comes from owning your life, letting go of all that binds you and holds you back because there is so much life yet to be lived right here and now.  Welcome others to your party and serve them “YOU” as the greatest gift you give others is you!      

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