Saturday, August 31, 2013

Carry an abiding THANK YOU! in your Heart


What keeps gratitude at bay

Is our inability to see the good in what is

What has come forward

Withholding our appreciation for life

Until things go our way

Unfold as we believe they should

Closed off

Shut down

Fist clenched

Stubbornly locked

Allowing our idealism to hold us hostage

Instead of inspire a new vision for what is possible

While being present to what “is”

Letting it inform our lives

Shining a spotlight on what we need to let go of

In order to free us

So the more we long for can flow through

To want things to be different

Other than they are

Is natural


To choose to find a way to let go

To accept what is

Releases the tension of the opposites

And this is divine

Tapping into our higher wisdom

Freeing us

Untethering us

Bringing us into present time

More alive

Through the integration

Of past, present and future

In the infinity of life

Carrying an abiding THANK YOU! in our heart

As we see clearly

It ALL led us here.


We are unaware, often unconscious of our resistance, our part in keeping the life we desire from coming to be.  Knowing this, we must have compassion for our Self and for others on this human journey.  Each of us knows what we know and our depth of knowing increases day by day until our last breath.  No one consciously chooses the shitty things that life brings and I believe with all of my heart that we can’t keep the pain of life away no matter how conscious we are.  Pain is as essential as joy.

All of us have had our asses handed to us in one way or another.  The betrayals and violations from the past threaten to hijack our now if we let them, if we don’t recognize that we need to acknowledge and grieve them in order to untether our Self and energy from them.  I have said for years that you have to start with Fu%# it! Fu#% this!  Fu#% that in order to get to Bless it! Bless this!  Bless that! So when I live with an abiding THANK YOU! in my heart now it has only been made possible through going there where I didn’t want to go and avoided for years.  This abiding thank you! has been birthed from allowing my Self to go into the raw, untamed, wild, not politically correct, truth of my emotions around events that have shattered me and broken my heart.  Pretending it’s all good! saying this or other platitudes while repressing and denying the wounds that bind us keeps the abundance, the pure goodness of life from flowing through us and manifesting in the material world. 

If we are less than grateful for the gift of this life, we must examine, shine a light on what beliefs, what attitudes, what things we have avoided that rob us from the aliveness available.  Each moment informs bringing opportunities to see how our choices, attitudes and beliefs create the life we live.  Staying tuned in, be willing to look at your part, own your choices without judgment as this will empower you to see that you are the captain of your ship and this is indeed your life.  You can navigate your life asleep at the wheel or with eyes wide open, navigating whatever comes, knowing you can find a way to get where you want to go.  You can lock life out, shutting off the flow, believing that you are a victim of life’s unfairness or you can become the victor, the hero in your own story.

The invitation this day is to pause and take inventory, appreciating your Self – all that you are and own the gift that is you.  Writing it out is a grounding practice and allows you to reread it sipping in all that you are and reading again and again when you forget.  From this place of thanksgiving, seeing how wonderful it is to be you and what a privilege it is to journey this life as you, you will appreciate others and life at a depth unparalleled.  You will carry an abiding thank you! in your heart not denying the crappy things or wallowing them rather accepting what comes and looking for what it has to show you and teach you in order to free more of you to come out and play.

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