Tuesday, July 1, 2014

LEAP! Moment by Moment...

Inhale...exhale...let your breath OPEN you into the NOW; and feel the letting GO releasing worries, doubts, fears...residues of the past, remnants of yesterday lingering that grip your mind taking YOU out of the MAGIC available right HERE. LEAP into this Day, into this moment INVITING life to take you Beyond; let the winds of Change, Life flowing within YOU take you further than you can think into MORE Joy, MORE Hope, MORE Peace, MORE Love! Dance with Infinity dwelling in the Possibilities. Stoke that inner FIRE and let it EXPRESS through YOU so it doesn't burn you. Take your Self by the hand and LOVE your Self UP with Compassion and Patience being your own best friend; nurturing your Self with The greatest gift ever with the LOVE of the universe echoing through YOU. Lean INto ALL you are feeling, all day long connected to this LOVE. Feel to heal! Acknowledge whatever washes upon your shore and let the tide turn...it always turns! Let it be. Let it turn. FEEL the Creative Force, this LOVE within holding you, fortifying YOU, liberating YOU and leading you HOME clearing all obstacles. The COURAGE to Leap into the unknown tapping into your fierce heart because you MUST because you came into this world to come ALIVE, pulling down your Dreams into the earth which are sacred expressions of YOU; materializing your Spirit dancing into Limitlessness is f#%king AWEsome and overwhelming. Allow it ALL! Know with all of your heart: ANYTHING is Possible!!! Believe in your Self! Trust the Universe, the benevolent partner that only wants you to experience your greatest GOOD and highest JOY!! Nourish your Self with LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! For it is the healing balm; LOVE is the Miracle Maker!! I love YOU. You are LOVED. Say this all day: I am LOVED! And feel the power of this fueling YOU. Woo Woo woofrickinhoo:)

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