Wednesday, July 30, 2014

BLOOM! Where You Are.

Step into this day. Feel your feet grounded in the earth. BLOOM where you are planted moment by moment. Find your way to your Heart center. Use your breath to connect to your Self. Plug into the Magic, to this Force you are that enlivens you and allows you to be in the direct experience of Life. Each moment. Unfolding You. Revealing You. Water your Self with this well of Love as you engage in the dance life is. Let whatever comes this day enrich you. Disconnected from our Self from the flow, we wither. Our attempt to protect our Self keeps life at bay. Plunge into the waters and be nourished with a sense of Aliveness being human, appreciating the adventure. All of it! Curse it. Bless it. Live it. Love it. Know how sacred you are. Know the story of YOU. In this opening, you will know the Story of All. The human odyssey is the great leveler. We all get our asses kicked. We all have tasted the sweetness of life made even sweeter by swallowing the bitter. No one goes through life unscathed. YOU. You are holy. Let go of judging and stripping away the Beauty of YOU. In this energy, you live FREE. Instead of trying to "change" your Self which is rooted in false beliefs of not enoughness and motivated by shame believing you "should" do this or that; you OPEN. An organic shift happens, amazing grace washes through, returning you to the core Self, this divine essence that parts the seas knowing ALL that you are and living this Truth. Liberation! The walk of no shame. Living fiercely from the heart. When you forget, LOOK to the skies! LOOK in your dogs eyes! LOOK at the bird perched in a tree serenading the world. And return Home. You are BeautyFULL. You freakin Matter. We are in this together. Badass adventurers. Let's do this! Let's live this Day singing: woo woo woofrickinhoo! Happyass dancin no matter what comes out way! Celebrating this Life. Loving it for ALL it is.

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