Friday, July 18, 2014

New Shores AWAIT: Let GO!

Letting GO of the known is necessary but it isn't always easy. The known, the familiar GROUNDS us even when hangin on is kickin our asses, stripping our joy and causing us pain. Everything we do even the things we don't wanna do and try not to do SERVES us! Often, the things we do that hold us back from setting sail into the MORE, into "what's next?!", into the Great UNKNOWN are subconscious. Being aware, tuning in, loving our Self through it all allows us to navigate our way through life; letting GO! Reaching for MORE! In the GREAT unknown, a new depth of your GREATNESS is discovered...more of YOU, more of your Life force, your vitality is freed so YOU can USE it instead of the energy imploding within you, USING you, depressing YOU instead of expressing YOU. Yesterday, I played mermaid with my great nieces and felt so INSPIRED by their courage. Sidney who will soon be 5 had a comfort zone which was no more than 3 feet from the houseboat ladder. I invited her to take my hand and swim to the shore with me. And in she did! She would stop and turn to look at the houseboat saying: "LOOK! Look how far I swam." I kept assuring her she is brave and can do this. We reached the shore which is rock lined and she stood there victorious, picking up a rock, a trophy to remind her of the power within her ( she doesn't consciously know this but her soul does!). I told her how brave she is and she told me: "You are brave too!" We are ALL so damn brave! We are. You ARE. The whole if your life you have found a way to LET GO! Again and again and journeyed into the unknown. Everything that has led you here to this day is evidence of your courage. USE it to stand confidently in the midst of worry, doubt and fear! Remember how BRAVE you are and that new shores will call you HOME again and again to explore new depths of YOU until your last breath. By the end of yesterday Sidney, her sister, Morgan who will soon be 9, swam the entire cove. These lil mermaids earned their fins and absolutely FEEL so great! All from letting Go into the GREAT unknown. Take my hand!!! Trust the waters of life whether choppy or calm to hold you, to carry you to new shores. Push. Rest. Swim. Float. Just keeping diggin deep to find the gears within YOU ready to be ignited this day. Be excited. Have FUN being YOU. Let this day, moment by moment, show YOU more of YOU! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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