Monday, July 7, 2014

Ohhh, MAGIC Day...Surprise ME!

Ohhh, MAGIC Life ever-opening, ever-freeing, ever-flowing, let's Dance! Invite the SURPRISES that are sure to come this day. For it is in the SURPRISE of Life that we PLAY with the Universe. We plan. We do. And the Universe BLOWS through us showing off, taking us beyond, lifting us to new heights, assuring us the that we are NEVER alone, reminding us we are here to experience the JOY of being who we ARE and creating a Life that expresses our truest Self. Follow the SIGNS! Receive the affirming messages that come from others; and BELIEVE these messages are from the heavens reminding YOU to stay the course especially when you don't want to, when the climb gets too steep, when the shit storm overwhelms. Let GO! Breathe. And let the Universe show you new depths of YOU; immeasurable Strength and Power that allows you to face what you would rather not. Tuned IN to your higher Self, you KNOW with all of YOU, you can handle anything and it really is ALL GOOD! Hear the messages cheering YOU on to keep being YOU, to Claim the gifts you have been given and KNOW the significance of YOUR Life. YOU MATTER! Your Dreams Matter. What you want Matters. How you FEEL Matters. Your VOICE Matters. Your JOY in living MATTERS! Walk into this Magic Day expecting The most delicious SURPRISES mirroring the BEAUTY of YOU:). Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!! Xo

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