Sunday, July 20, 2014

IMAGINE: You are Magic!

Step into this day with a sense of the MAGIC you are, with a sense of the MAGIC life is. Be grateful for all that IS and Imagine what can be. Awaken more of YOU stirring, ready to come out and PLAY in ways that stretch YOU and expand YOU. Ground in your gifts, appreciating what makes you YOU and OPEN to how these gifts can be used. Dare to let go of limited beliefs and thinking. Speak MAGIC. Write it out. Wave your wand and live OPEN. Grow your Dreams painting new pictures beyond what you believe is possible. Get excited as you create new visions for your life! Being with my great nieces, Morgan and Sidney, has stoked my sense of MAGIC and reminded me of the Power that lies in IMAGINATION. Playing mermaid, swimming the back cove with them, they began to wave their wands saying: we are special lake mermaids so we swim on the surface and our fins turn into legs when the come out of the water... They went on and on and on. I was so INSPIRED as we spoke MAGIC. And immediately thought of Life as "Practical MAGIC". Grounding in who I am, who you are; in a sense of what we want to create and express, we dare to show UP. Rich in the EXPERIENCE of living. All of it. Step by step day by day, we touch our Spirit ever-FREE, remembering the MAGIC we are, dancing with Infinity; and facing what comes our way, the BS, navigating the challenges and slaying the dragons. Living it ALL. Loving it ALL. Feeling it ALL. Knowing THIS, this is our life. Each moment. Believing in the MAGIC even when life takes us to our knees. Discovering the opportunity to RISE beyond, where we didn't know was possible. Fishing from the Ocean of LOVE within, fueled by the MAGIC, seeing BEYOND the circumstances, we find our Self again and again. This is YOUR personal odyssey, your tale of Wonder and WOW! Believe. IMAGINE. Trust. Let GO! Dream. Claim the MAGIC you are and Life IS! Express your Self. Live FREE in the Beauty of it ALL. Happyass Dance from the inside OUT! Singing: Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! And FEEL the Magic...ohhh yeahhhh.

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