Saturday, July 26, 2014


This is YOUR life! This day. This moment. So precious. Dancing You. Take life by the hand. Let go! Let your love of living OPEN you and fuel your day, understand your life is NOW. Acknowledge the things heavy on your heart and let them wash through you inhaling and exhaling. Quiet your mind. Fly out of the cage. Be FREE. Invite the Happy. Count the Blessings ever-flowing. Smile into your heart knowing: Today is gonna be GREAT! Love your Self, Love life for a million reasons and no reason at all. Hold your Self dear, hold your Self sacred as you would a new born baby. Welcome ALL of YOU, more of You to come out and play. Let your wildness ROAR. Appreciate All that you are with a devotion to you, to all creation understanding YOU are a part of the whole, infinity expressing. Extract the Beauty in the Dance present to your pain, present to your Joy. Let the honesty of the moments heal you and open you. No need to pretend. No need to swallow your feelings. No need to silence your voice. Feel what you are feeling. Say what you must. Tell the F&%king Truth to your Self. Let the Truth set you FREE. Let it pour through you UP and OUT like hot lava erupting. Welcome the tears and the laughter. Both. All. Uncensored. Flow. Ain't no time for wallowing, indulging in the Fear, worry or doubt. Give it a sacred place on the table. Be present to it. Let GO! Let the valves of life OPEN you wider and wider. Be emboldened and enlivened! Be YOU. Do YOU. Love YOU. Live YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!! It is damn GOOD to be YOU. Bring ON the Magic!!!

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