Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jump. Fly. Trust. All damn Day!

Here. Now. This day. Breath by breath. Your Brave Heart is being called to Open wider to Jump into new waters! To go into depths of your Self and bring new energies OUT. Be emboldened. Feel your Self. Feel connected to the Fire within. This Passion, pure Love, soul force is Ready and won't take No! For an answer. Do not look outside of You. Listen to what you need and want Now. Do not override the guidance, these divine messages whispering: let's GO! Assuring you. Washing you with Peace in the midst of the chaos churning in the outer world. Be IN this world but remember: You are NOT of this world. Within your very heart lies the Sacred Heart of the World that longs to usher you onto new shores for your greatest JOY and highest GOOD. Befriend your nervousness. Befriend your anxiety. Befriend your fear. Take it by the Hand and JUMP! Do what you must to Free your Self. Last weekend, I was at my houseboat with friends. I was opening the rails on top so we could jump. I was giving instructions: "keep your arms to your side and point your toes so you enter the water like a pencil." I have JUMPED a thousand times off the top. Imagine my surprise as I walked to the edge and freaked out. Terror pulsed through me. I was stopped in my tracks. I bounced around shaking off my anxiety. Allowing my fear. Soothing my Self. Being patient with my Self. My friends all cheered me on. The winds blew through me mind, body and spirit. I said: "We got this Kath." And jumped! I plunged into the waters and they held me; immersed. Baptized. Made anew. I popped up. My arms stretched to the skies feeling my Victory. I yelled: wooooooofrickinhoooo! Trusting the waters again. Trusting my Self again. I climbed my happyass out of the water and did it again and again. The invitation for you: Jump. Fly. Trust. All damn day! And let your Brave Heart Open YOU, widen your circle of Life singing: woo woo woofrickinhoo! It is damn GOOD to be ALIVE! To be YOU. Enjoyyyyy the Ride. Welcome the MAGIC.

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