Thursday, July 17, 2014

Let GO! And then, Let GO! Again...

Let GO of judging what is Negative and what is Positive and LIVE FREE! Be where you are. Feel what you are feeling. It is truly ALL GOOD. Go ahead. See the Magic of being present to Your Self allowing the Truth of the moment to wash through. The part of us that filters what we deem negative or positive is the ego, our human self that lives from conditions from rules that say: this is bad and this is good. TRUST your Self! You KNOW. You possess a wisdom that guides YOU in this liberation walk. Your Soul, your higher Self can contain it ALL, be present to Life unconditionally accepting vs. judging. Let GO of worrying about being GOOD and just FREE your Passion, let YOUR Love of living and doing and being YOU open YOU, creating a Life this day, moment by moment that reflects YOU; not some censored version of you and who you think you should be. STOP beating your Self up! It doesn't work!! Self beat doesn't INSPIRE you and your life. All feelings, all choices, all actions contain information regarding what you NEED and what you WANT... Now! Stop filling in the blanks with life stripping judgment and ask your Self: What do I want? What do I need? Honor where you are. This act of Courage is the LOVE of the heavens pouring through you. Give your Self the Compassion, the understanding you CRAVE from others. Nourish your Self with assuring words and hold you own handing saying over and over: I got YOU! I got YOU! Let's do this day making choices that inspire you to come ALIVE! Living from the inside OUT! Touching that Vitality ever-springing that causes happiness for no reason and a million reasons! The essence of YOU, this force of LOVE that knows: it is a GREAT DAY because you are ALIVE in this body getting to EXPLORE and excavate YOUR GREATness. Be in awe! See how many HAPPYgasms you can experience flooded with excitement to be YOU, to journey this adventure ever-unfolding, freeing the JOY! I love you and I am WITH you connected heart to heart, human to human, soul to soul...woo woo woofrickinhoo!!! Xo

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